RAL Quality Mark For Wallpaper – What Is It

Meet RAL Quality Mark for wallpaper to the high demands of today’s consumers not only in appearance but also in quality and safety of a product, have about 40 wallpaper manufacturers together in a quality association. In connection with the RAL German Institute for Quality Assurance and Certification eV, Bonn, and in collaboration with a variety of institutions – including the Federal Environment Agency and the Federal Health Office – established a comprehensive quality regulations, compliance will be monitored by a neutral site. Wallpaper with the RAL quality mark not only guarantee the promised quality, but also the safety of these so-labeled products. This is achieved by the manufacturers * to dispense altogether with the use of the following resources: * Toxic heavy metals in pigments Druckforben * CFC * Lead and cadmium as stabilizers and chlorinated aromatics solvent addition are considerably more stringent limits for heavy metals as an example forChildren’s toys. Vinyl chloride monomer may be detectable in any case, and formaldehyde is several times below the legal requirements. Wallpaper with the RAL quality mark to give security to the end user so that the wallpaper selection can fully concentrate on the beauty of the product. The company has set itself the task of leading the only wallpaper producer in the range. The pattern selection in all styles whether retro, baroque, or just Avantgard Modern is extensively presented. After many years, especially young people wiped their home walls, paint or plaster, the wallpaper is now experiencing a comeback. Wallpaper is back in fashion form the backdrop for advertising campaigns and TV movies, appear in architecture and design magazines, and inspire with an unprecedented variety of motives. Black and white is the hot topic of the season: Not only in fashion, even in furniture design, with the interior and home accessories from the strong contrast that sets the tone. The familiar adage “opposites attractto “holds true here once more. A greater contrast than black and white, can hardly be imagined. Both colors fix the outer limits of the color space, that is any other color is darker than white and brighter than black. This black is the color that absorbs all light, while white reflects all visible colors. For this reason, patterns and structures in black and white are particularly clear and intense. The Germans wallpaper manufacturers have now adopted this lifestyle issue and to present current wallpaper, which played through the theme in many variations. It offered all styles from graphic retro look of neo-baroque ornamental patterns, accentuated eccentric pop art and stripes or minimally businesslike design, whether shiny, matte, with flocking and embossing or gold shimmer.