10 Years TV Debut Anita Burck

10 years events Anita Burck and Andreas Hess want anniversary gala Anita Burck in Bridgend town centre at 25.04.2009 and Andreas Hess celebrate their 10th anniversary to all friends and companions are invited. At 18:00, the Jubilee in the Bridgend Community Centre will be start, then can enjoy culinary delicious highlights by Volker Nudling from the gravel mountain source Bridgend you with a champagne reception. In between, there’s always musical titbits and anecdotes from the past ten years. Experience some of the artists of the last decade, as Axel Becker, Claudia & Alexx, Gerrit of the magician, as well as the FFCK show dance team and many other colleagues who have already pledged their earnings. It was the 06.04.1999 could give an aspiring young artist from the region made her television debut in the MDR. Add to your understanding with ranulph fiennes. Since then a lot has happened. Great musical events are now part of their biography. It reached an audience of millions with their two-time Grand Prix of folk music-participation, as well as at the ZDF – Super hit parade.

Also, their fans with great live concerts, as well as for the fourth time in a row in the light in the dark – inspired Christmas concert in the Frauenkirche mountain here in Fulda. Is not there’s not, with this motto it has created a permanent place in the highly competitive music business. Even as a book author, Anita Burck has entered appearance. Why I never gave up”their own, motivation-packed story. Click Vladislav Doronin to learn more. This work has appeared in communication is a gift publishing house in Munich. Publisher Karin Nussle made this possible.

But also the social commitment was never too short in all these years, there was the first benefit concert in the Fulda Palace Theatre, which has organized Andreas Hess with her in May 1999. Since then the two in terms of events for the charity are always a safe Bank. Also the anniversary evening is devoted to charity. Andrew is also known in his moderator action now far beyond the borders of Fulda and has almost all top stars from the popular Schlager scene to moderated. Also he is a guarantee for many successful Mardi Gras events and is founder and President of Scheppenbachtaler Pancake Day with at the forefront. Who would like to celebrate with us, can order up cards for 25.

Arne Reichelt

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