iTanum realized with fresh Web design new homepage and tourist-free alarm system no noticeable summer slump, also not on the Internet the Internet presentation of the town Hohnstein is since the beginning of July, both visually and in terms of content revised. It aims much more dominate the tourist overall impression of the new homepage to facilitate so the contact between the accommodation seeker guests and local owners and restaurateurs. Providing better and above all easier your vacation accommodations and touristic offerings is medium-term target. The use of the Internet has increased continuously over the last 15 years and makes up to date approximately two-thirds of all guest requests. This fact is considered better to use it! Plays an important role in the relaunch of the homepage, your guests that best prepares the homepage content to Google and other popular search engines will find you easier.

In this course we integrated a new tourist-free reporting system. It serves the simple free quarters. You can use your as a landlord Holiday homes, in words and pictures independently maintain, maintain calendar without additional software, directly over the Internet, at any time of day. Hohnstein.de is realized after the newly developed corporate design – guide the city Hohnstein. This ensures a high recognition value of the homepage, flyers, brochures and all other advertising media. The new homepage realized the city administration of Hohnstein, in cooperation with the company of iTanum Internet solutions (www.iTanum.com) from Pirna. It has the necessary know-how to properly implement the Internet project..

Advantages Of Online Payments

Independent studies have confirmed that the sales of online shops almost proportionally increase with the number of the used payment methods. Independent studies have confirmed that the sales of online shops almost proportionally increase with the number of the used payment methods.The credit card was originally developed for the offline payments, d.h for transactions via the Internet. Due to the fast processing and the low risks for buyers and online stores the credit card for online payments is however very good good. The credit card is currently the currency most commonly used in the Internet. How does the online payment via credit card? At checkout, the buyer indicates that he would like to pay with his credit card. The buyer shall bear the number and credit card expiration date. The information will be sent to the credit card company directly online. The credit card company authorized the transaction and return the authorization data.

When the transaction was authorized, obtain Buyer and the online store a corresponding message. The online-shop can now deliver the goods sold and gets paid the money within approximately ten working days on his account. At the end of the month, the amount is debited from the account of the buyer. If the transaction was not authorized, the buyer and the online shop (online shops) receive a notice. Then, you need to look a different way of payment for the transaction.

Sending the information to the credit card company, authorization and confirmation of authorization last usually no longer than 15 seconds. (“Credit card”) Alternative payments are payments that are used as an alternative to credit card payments. The most alternative payment options are specially geared to a particular economic system or have been developed especially for the electronic online trading and are supported by local banks and settled. Any alternative way of payment has its own unique Applications and payment processes, a language and currency support and is regulated by regional laws. “Alternative indicated” from the point of view of the dealer is the safest payment methods payment by bank transfer. The customer performs a transfer and two or three bank days later will be credited the amount to the account of the merchant. The dealer can now send the goods or share access to the paid members area as a revocation of the payment by the end customer is no longer possible, like about procedures by direct debit or credit card. The classic bank transfer in daily life mostly used to pay bills. The customer has already received the ordered services and parallel Gets a Bill, which is to be paid within a few days. (‘B ezahlung by online bank transfer on the Internet”)

Google AdSense PageWizz

Authors portals with revenue participation history: PageWizz and page balls on the two Web sites–PageWizz.com and Pageballs.com–are online portals, where “ordinary Internet users” can publish personal articles on almost any topic as writers and achieve advertising revenue. The articles are composed of various components, such as for example texts, images and videos, which technically is very easy to create. The similarity of the two products is amazing. Here the question arises: who copied whom? Or how it is advertising in the company’s trademark: “who invented’s? -The Swiss!” No, there were of course the Americans with Squidoo.com and HubPages.com. This PageWizz is similar to mainly HubPages and page balls clearly reminiscent of Squidoo. Both US portals are available only in English, which ultimately is the raison d ‘ etre for the German analogue. Texas children’s hospital contains valuable tech resources.

Actually, PageWizz joined a few months before page balls on the German market. Page ball involved its authors to 50% of the revenue. Page ball based on the page views it determines how much is the income of a page. After reaching the payment limit will be paid through PayPal. Cons: The distribution of revenue can be not traced by the author himself or controlled. There are pages that generate many page views, are not necessarily the same pages that lead to high income.

An experienced writer can insert advertising much more efficient as a newbie. Also there is diesbezgl. Depending on the topics differ. Is PageWizz an equity investment of 60% participation: authors must register with Google AdSense or Amazon and income will be paid out directly by Google and Amazon. In addition can be operated on PageWizz Member Erwerbung, which can be achieved more permanent income. The revenues are in transparent and can be controlled on the basis of links in the HTML code of the pages of the author. Page generation: Both projects rely on a module principle easy to use, yet there serious differences the page editor on page balls is simpler, offers fewer options and is therefore also a little neater. Disadvantage however is that a complete page reload is necessary for each change, making it extremely hard working. The building blocks are kept very simple and for text formatting, HTML must be controlled necessarily. These techniques are outdated and not the style of Web 2.0. On PageWizz you will find a modern interface that has no Seitenreloads, which allows a smooth and pleasant work. There are 19 blocks available and texts can be formatted either in Word or manually entered as HTML. In particular the two-column layout, the author provides more design options. PageWizz attaches importance to a functioning community. Fan communities can be formed and each author receives its own feed for new publications. The authors are more advanced in the foreground which partly intensive feedback on reviews, comments and private messages when new articles is concluded. Conclusion: page balls and PageWizz are based on the same concept and the possible sources of revenue are similar: PageWizz provides in this respect more transparency and flexibility and still trumps by an excellent page editor.

Nathalie Somville

The advertising film production and media agency with cinema advertising new media data 2008, Kinospot.de of Baden-Baden offers a comprehensive insight into the medium of cinema. They include all facts and figures about the target audience and their consumption patterns, as well as all information on the subject of cinema advertising. The media data are now at: mediadaten.html for free available for download. Your Fifth Edition media data when agencies and advertisers have taken firmly under the planning tools. a> or emailing the administrator. The production house established for six years as a classic advertising film production, reacted quickly to the large demand of the agencies and customers according to data Kinospot.de and cinema advertising, already in 2004, appeared the first edition of media data in the classic format of the solution facts on the subject with depositors. Nothing has changed until today only in the format, the content, however, has more than doubled in the last four years and digital output is updated now every three months. The production house Kinospot.de offers also complete in addition to the production of high-quality commercials technical Postprodutkion of the exposure to the copy creation, as well as the media planning, distribution and circuit of cinema advertising campaigns in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland. Also, TV commercials failed for international customers, corporate videos, 3D animations and DVD designs are designed and produced. GSK CEO is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Press contact: Kinospot.


Trendlocation, the video guide for Hamburg and the metropolitan region, is online. Trendlocation produces short Internet videos about places of interest, shops and venues in Hamburg and presents them on an own Web TV portal. Red Solo Cups is the source for more interesting facts. Hamburg and tourists will find here the most beautiful places and shopping areas of the city. Like no other medium film allows at the same time information and convey emotions. The short films inspire and encourage to visit the venues and shops.

Trendlocation is a Web-TV platform and is a cost-effective way of direct and innovative sales approach particularly small businesses, shops and service providers. “Regional companies reach their target groups precisely on Trendlocation and other forms of advertising there is not the normal wastage”, says Andreas Hagen, creator of Trendlocation. “Web TV is the medium of the future and the spread of fast Internet connections has paved the way for this innovative form of advertising. We produce Internet videos for “regional companies and assist them in the distribution of movies on the Internet”, so Andreas Hagen..


Individual configurators for online shops is the challenge in complex or individual products in the advice and pricing. Still challenging the selection and consultation process is, if the transaction takes place online, for example, in online shops or order forms. For this purpose, individual product configurations are a promising approach. Products in the online store individually In the product configurator by econsor characteristics, material, colors, or individual attributes such as texts and accessories are configured. While the end user wins a prize immediately updated depending on the selection shown. The Configurator is based on standard software magento and will be integrated into the online store via the interface.

This standard processes such as the optimized order process, flexible payment options, or extensible interfaces to the ERP are optimally. So, almost every individual configuration option for products in an online shop with extensive standard functionality can be mapped. Product Configurator on ZWOSIX am You can see example of the online-shop of ZWOSIX, as a standard software such as the online shop system magento can be expanded a product configurator. Custom printed articles with different colors and basic versions are here configured a product and add to cart. Product Configurator can be ordered from painter Schablonen.de with painter Schablonen.de under other individual templates for painter templates or custom stickers. In addition to a configuration of the texts, of the material and colors, it is also possible your own files in the configurator. Also this product configurator is implemented as individual extension in the standard solution for online shops magento. To the online shop – –