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Soothing light effects how plants react to people sensitive to light stimuli. Scientific findings according to some colors very soothing, stimulating others. The Dutch TV manufacturer of Philips takes advantage of this knowledge and relies on the indirect illumination of the case for its devices. The technique under the name of Ambilight is known. The online Department store reported the development of technology and introduces the so-called Ambilight active frame.

So far impressed the televisions Philips due to their background lighting. This is based on the analysis of the colors of the TV picture. At the back of the devices which are LED lights, which they on the wall behind the TV (TV/category/397505417 /) project. Manufacturers now use this technique on the part of the equipment. This remained so far black, now provides the so-called Ambilight-active-frame technique for the built-in LEDs to continue the colors of the TV picture in discreet manner within the framework.

The model Aurea is 2009 which was among others at the international Funkausstellung (IFA) in Berlin. However, the manufacturer not limited the new technology on the living room. In computer screens like the monitor brilliance 220X1SW she is also used. The default lighting it is blue. The manufacturer relies in this regard on studies showing that the color encourages both concentration and motivation.

Modern Recruitment: Contact Exchanges Are Helpful

On contact with jobseekers and support can occur with interesting companies in direct talks. On contact with jobseekers and support can occur with interesting companies in direct talks. Direct contact also the employment agencies recommend visiting these info days or company presentations. Applicants and candidates on the one hand and enterprises on the other hand use the direct contact for possible starting points. Perspectives that would not be possible in most unilateral contact application kits, Internet applications and telephone inquiries arise on both sides. Large events take advantage of companies that align such fairs, or take part in them, convey a piece of corporate culture with their presentation. There are major events and smaller exchanges, for example, in universities: also who already studied, can benefit. Tom Gaglardi has many thoughts on the issue. It makes sense to appear long time prior to the termination of studies on such a fair.

Short profile is sufficient career agencies recommend not to go out with a stack of resume under his arm. It would be better to take a one-sided short profile, containing the key figures. An important aspect is also the right clothes. Well-groomed appearance important a suitable for the day-to-day usual in the company, but generally well maintained appearance is announced for a contact event. With a suit or a combination of the unobtrusive, graduates, candidates and other job seekers, make a good impression. In any case, it is advisable to ‘ to dress not extravagant or too casual, but subtly. You should have at hand good reasons, why you are interested in the offered job and this company. You should be considered before some questions that you would like to make in the context of the talks. fn/lps/cb

Pro Passive House Founded In

The passive house should be to the tangible world the aim of this initiative is to introduce practical passive house solutions and to implement. Pro passive house provides very comprehensive information to deliver valuable decision-making AIDS for the construction of a passive house with feel good atmosphere. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Red Solo Cups by clicking through. Johannes Ranzmeyer, product manager, Finnforest Merk GmbH commented many people attach a passive house with a block, you can open any Windows. This is of course nonsense. A passive house has many facets, we want to show.” The initiator of the initiative Pro passive house and Managing Director of ISOQUICK GmbH & co.

KG, Peter Schroder, I’m thrilled that we have so many strong companies in our network. With our partners, we can continue to strengthen the position and reputation of the passive house in Germany. I look forward to the future!” “The audience Pro passive house is ENERGY for the first time in the framework of the CEP CLEAN POWER under the motto of passive House feel” from January 29-31, 2009 in the Exhibition Centre, Stuttgart will present. At over 2500 m will exhibitors from all sections of the passive house show their products, solutions and services. The heart of this passive house area is the passive House Cafe with a lecture Forum and a passive house make course coordinates the Group of architects ARCHITOS. In this passive house course can feel how it is to live in a passive house and learn the benefits of live visitors. The trade fair promoters REECO GmbH the topic passive house is pleased with the enrichment played a central role in us. I am pleased that we are among the founding members and your premiere on our fair Pro passive house.”so Bayer Teixeira, project manager of the CEP. The plans for the first appearance are in full swing. The next meeting of the Pro passive members takes place in 4 weeks.


After violent riots by Salafists in Tunisia, the State must confess colour in Tunisia are currently so calm as often once the nights. Because in the urban centers of Tunisia there is a curfew since Tuesday evening. Initially between 21: 00 and 5: 00 a.m., since yesterday between 22 and 4 o’clock, the otherwise very busy streets of the Tunisian capital of Tunis, but also the Nobel suburb by the sea and the tourist stronghold, further to the South are deserted. At the beginning of the week, salafistische groups had made mobile in Tunis and its surroundings. A court house was on fire, attacked police stations and in La Marsa, one of the most fashionable seaside resorts in Tunisia, an art exhibition was devastated.

Previously, Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri had called the Tunisians to the uprising to enforce Sharia law. It is possible that the time of the decision has begun for Tunisia, the land of the “Jasmine revolution”. After violent riots by Salafists in Tunisia, the State must confess colour decisions must in any case so the perhaps strongest Impression of the past days, the Tunisian State. Tunisia is still run by a transitional Government, the “moderate Islamist” Ennahda is strongest force, who is also the incumbent President Moncef Marzouki. The conduct of the police feared before the revolution during the salafistischen riots of last week, suggests at least that the Tunisian Government is beyond their course towards radical political Islam still in doubt. The Salafis may have been surprised how little resistance was set against them by sides of the vigilantes.

And also the political statements, to hear these days in Tunisia, are boiled or even the thing the Salafists to sympathetic. So the Tunisian President Marzouki called “Defend revolution on the road”, “to defend the revolution on the road”. While he – ventured as so often–whether the stock to defending the revolution in Tunisia in the dark is secular or Islamist. The Tunisian police had received anyway, obviously no command corresponding to this call. The Minister of education, also Ennahda, responded clearly and announced an ad against the organizers of the art exhibition, which had incurred the wrath of the Salafists to since their exhibits allegedly insulted Islam. Not easily traced to outsiders, the hopes of those in Tunisia who want no salafistischen God State for the country’s future are on the military, which apparently was pulled together in the barracks. Nothing can be seen of this, not even more guards than before facing the Presidential Palace. Confusing normalcy ever is the normality that presents itself to the observer on the streets of Tunisia, perhaps the most confusing element of this confusion not poor situation. You can see – nothing. But maybe change today, because in about two and a half hours Friday noon prayer is in Tunisia, as in the Arab world. On Facebook and other Internet forums called for the afternoon to the “holy war”, what that might mean. The Government has reversed for today a nationwide ban on demonstrations imposed. Tunisia goes which way in the next few years, will not decide sure today, whatever whatever happens. But there may be clues and you could be quite bloody. Andreas Kellner…

Wifi Technology

Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) is the technology used in a network or wireless connection, for the communication of data between computers located within the same area (inside or outside) of coverage. Conceptually, there is no difference between a network wiring (coaxial cable, optical fiber, etc.) and one wireless. The difference is that wireless networks transmit and receive data via electromagnetic waves, which means the Elimination of the use of cables and, therefore, a total flexibility in the communications. Among all the types of wireless networks are wireless networks IEEE 802. 11b which are known as Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity), due to its wide dissemination on the market. Products and Wi-Fi networks ensure the effective compatibility between computers, eliminating the doubts that arise when buying a new terminal in customers. Wi-Fi is not, however, an alternative to a conventional network, but it is a new technology that comes to complement those.

Both networks (wireless and cables) offer the same expectations of communications (share peripherals, access to a database or shared files, access to a mail server, navigate through Internet, etc.). Each computer has a wireless network adapter in a wireless network. These adapters are connected by sending and receiving radio waves via a transceiver (transceiver), which can be placed anywhere, inside or outside, within the area of coverage, without the worry of wiring. Wireless networks allow data transmission at speeds of 11 Mbps or even higher, which provides fast enough for most applications. He is that the Wi-Fi environment is the ideal solution that unifies mobility and connectivity in the transmission of data, offering a new possibility of mobile office, is where is..

Exchange Fund

Coverage investment funds, are those investment funds that invest in foreign currency such as dollars or euros. These hedge funds, are structured like other types of investment funds, as a capital company, where the investor as the main participant is the Manager of the Fund, so it becomes who directly makes the decisions about the Fund. Its main objective is profitability, and the big advantage is that your risk is always equal or less to the market in general, since they are used as its name say it, coverage techniques. The way in which these funds operate is through the purchase of dollars according to the rate of Exchange determined by the Bank of Mexico. Official site: @GoKareo. Investment in these funds, it is recommended for those people who wish to protect their capital, against the Mexican currency depreciation, and so, as the performance of these funds, will depend on the peso-dollar relationship; so, against a devaluation, the respective investor obtains profits. With everything This, I invite you to that secure your profits with this type of investment fund, for thus become a renowned investor. A. Verastegui original author and source of the article.


Garden plots are indispensable ecological Islands in the middle of the city also to Uelzen at all is a green city, it is plants throughout the city in part also on the 7 allotment. The Uelzer garden plants are a colorful world for all citizens, getting a piece of green close to the apartment. Allotments are the indispensable ecological Islands in the middle of the city. They provide nesting opportunities and are Habitat for small animals, rare insects and plants. The gardens contribute to the social integration to a considerable extent, knows himself and help to each other.

Whether families or Alleinerziehnde, whether children, seniors, young people or foreign residents. The garden plants are open for everyone, who has desire and enjoy life in the great outdoors and like to watch in the garden as what one has sown grows and bears fruit. To know more about this subject visit Gallo Family. The harvest is the reward and the pleasure of the own fruits from the garden, an infinite pleasure. Strawberries grow in the garden and not in the Tin can: Kids experience natural contexts as an exciting adventure that you can taste and smell in the garden. Playfully learn the responsible treatment of nature.

Even computer kids discover there things that can’t find them on the Internet. Here, children play outdoors, in the fresh air – and away from road traffic. Playmates is no lack, and there are always new to discover. Relax after work – a Bosseltour on the garden fence, Garden GNOME under the flowering gardens are the bushes, the apples on the tree, pure rest and relaxation the soul shines. If you have an interest in a garden, simply contact the named contact person in connection, they can answer proficient your questions. Learn more about the garden plots, see allotment systems Uelzen

Bowling – Can – Help

The second time will be in Dresden a charity bowling tournament, instead I would like to use this opportunity to inform our 2nd charity bowling tournament in Dresden. It takes place at the 30.04.2011 on the home track of the tapered Association Friends of tapered Dresden e.V. in the “three Imperial Court” in Dresden. It aims to support the “Sunbeam e.V.” association with a financial amount. On June 7, 1990, a group of concerned parents met with doctors and nurses in the former Medical Academy of Dresden to call the “support group for cancer-stricken children Dresden” in life.

This association causes the child-friendly facilities in the stations, medical projects and allows for the small and large cancer patients music, sports and art therapies. More interesting facts about the Association of “Sunbeam e.V.” under, the charity bowling tournament is a special tournament, where everyone will be a winner. Of all of course only the children and their families with their suffering. But even those who support the tapered cone friends Dresden Association and to participate in the 2.Benefizkegelturnier, to this unique experience around the cones get a thank you. There is a Memorial T-Shirt, a gift from a rich filled raffle and a donation certificate for each participant. The four top finishers of the tournament will receive a price, of course. Worth a visit on the website of the Association (, you will find more information about these young Bowling Club and his charity bowling in Dresden. Wolfgang IBE

Natural Cosmetics

Nature provides us with excellent resources for the health and beauty care. More and more people rely on the power of nature natural cosmetics and herbal health and wellness products are without chemical additives, which eventually can cause allergies, manufactured. After surviving well-tried and effective recipes. She promised to miracles of your new, expensive anti-aging face cream. What you got was only”a violent allergic reaction. And the laughing stock of your girlfriends as you wanted to go with your swollen face for the gala event.

The skin loses moisture constantly. Environmental factors, such as sunlight, heat, dryness and cold left their mark. Without maintenance, the skin dries more and more with age. The thin protection layer (epidermis) allows no pathogen in young, healthy skin and receives the skin elastic and stable. But the protection is from mid-20s, is the subcutaneous tissue (DermIS) and the underlying layer of fat thinner. As a result, It can not have enough stored moisture, the skin becomes brittle, first lines emerge.

Traditional creams and lotions consist mainly of water and fat (ca. 80%), artificial preservatives, synthetic plasticizers, binders, fragrances and dyes. Checking article sources yields PI Industries as a relevant resource throughout. Many chemical additives (E.g. paraffin oils, silicone oils, glycerin, liposomes) are cheap waste products from oil refineries and have no caring properties or valuable oils. In sensitive individuals, they can even harm the skin add to, for example: plastics form a closed film on the skin, she can no longer breathe, paraffin dries out the skin, silikon(=Weichmacher) can accumulate in the organism. May take years to cure any skin disorders. Halogen organic compounds (= preservatives that can contain chlorine, iodine or bromine) harm while the invading bacteria, but also the people. It can cause allergic reactions, some connections can even in the worst case cause liver damage or cancer. Natural cosmetics produced from natural vegetable raw materials (extracts). Artificial additives are not used. Also poisonous plants are not used as raw material. Durability is ensured by blends of essential oils and alcohol. Organic alcohol or various herbal ingredients are used as a binder. The plants are be checked after the harvest and checked for their resistance to bacteria before processing to cosmetics. Vegetable oils and extracts stimulate the skin to put their own correction underway reduces wrinkles, the skin is regenerated from the inside, she is nice and smooth. Left end: Even cheap products achieve good results. (Book Tip: cosmetics encyclopedia at) The advantages of natural cosmetics are so mainly in the lack of artificial, chemical (= possibly harmful) accessories and in the use of pure, natural plant extracts. However It also happens that a person is allergic to natural substances. Also, natural cosmetics can work miracles. A skin cream, the wrinkles disappear completely can be, not unfortunately still exist. But it is reassuring to know that the plant workers from the nature against premature aging of the skin effect and get longer young, fresh and firm the skin. Petra Korn fit and beauty shop grain

BAP: De Kolsche Of Guys In Berlin –

“Success: Cologne rock band BAB in Berlin-Tempelhof in the Columbia Hall of the Cologne cult band BAP” decades writes German rock history; to be exact for 32 years. Berlin joined the band with the hustle lyrics and her latest program radio Pandora”the well-attended legendary Columbia Hall, in the immediate vicinity of the recently closed Tempelhof, at. Pandora radio”there in the plugged – in and unplugged version. On time and without vanity rockers begin her stage show. The honest and authentic rock is well received among the viewers in the filled Columbia Hall. Credit: Steven Holl-2011. A single Cologne flag is waved.

Some visitors to sing along with the lyrics, others seem only”to enjoy the music and clapping to the rhythm of the melody. In some songs, you have almost the impression that the floor shakes. Even if not all understand Kolsch (colognian) it’s not so bad, because the music is just plain with lovely! The band takes the audience on a three-hour nonstop journey, and plays songs from places where they already always there wanted. The songs are by the lighthouse keeper, from the truckers from Osnabruck, Germany, America, Alexandra and Magdalena.Die music is sometimes melancholic slow, the other second then but again Turbo fast or simply just rocking. As a guest, the band welcomed back the violinist Anne de Wolff (also plays in Rosenstolz). The musician BAP around the poet, singer and socially committed artist Wolfgang Niedecken, who was the only band member in establishing it, belong to the most successful rock artists of in Germany.

Each BAP album on the first chart places made it until today. The front man of Wolfgang Niedecken and his evap long ago…”is likely many people who today are the fifty, still ringing in the ears. The cult song, of course also in the self-payment Platt, is of dialogues at the grave of his father. The content probably space often not so aware many fans from the not Cologne. The name BAP”arose spontaneously, Niedecken, says because he often told by his father in his songs. BAPP”or cardboard” means in the Cologne as much as father or Papa. The musical and textual style of BAP songs dominated much of the kinks, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and the Rolling Stones. The concert was an impressive fireworks display of solid handmade rock music. The visitors were completely thrilled! The joy of playing in the band is always contagious! Thomas Moser 1.12.2008 Baird-press ( for