Maguire Bekstrasse

The sport-treff informed Maguire from Wakefield knew the hotel and catering industry has always been about the importance of satisfied guests. Service orientation, high-quality food and inviting atmosphere are however not taken for granted. Only through personal commitment and quality orientation of the catering operation they become a reality. Anke has therefore already Maguire at their acquisition of Wedeler sports clubs in 2006 quality to the boss explains. Each guest should learn a care that corresponds to his ideas and wishes and to the positive experience makes the stay at the sport-treff Maguire. Within their quality management worth placing on genuine personal commitment and unreserved compliance with legal requirements for quality assurance. Service orientation is a decisive success factor for each restaurant.

The immediate, discreet meeting of his needs makes the stay of the guests in a pleasant way and moves him to visit the restaurant again. Is this achieved only a loyal regular customer was won, which attracts more guests from his environment. The sport-treff Maguire defines requirements on services from the perspective of the individual guest. This opens up the possibility of continuous further development of the Wedel restaurant. If guests feel comfortable, of course also depends on whether is meets their security needs. Features of quality-oriented restaurants accordingly include the fulfilment of technical safety standards, the presence of emergency exits and a comprehensive hygiene. The observance of regulations and practices of food hygiene is essential in the interest of the guests as clearly shows the e-coli crisis currently emerging from the ebb.

Selection of food suppliers, storage and processing of food and ultimately food delivery to the guest is to meet the highest hygiene standards. The legislature has enacted a variety of regulations, protect guests from damage. You represent the absolute minimum and be monitored by the authorities. Quality-oriented restaurants such as the sport-treff Maguire does not settle of course such minimum requirements, but also are committed to the well-being of their guests. Further questions Maguire and her team Anke to their quality-oriented offer of course anytime.