RAL Quality Mark For Wallpaper – What Is It

Meet RAL Quality Mark for wallpaper to the high demands of today’s consumers not only in appearance but also in quality and safety of a product, have about 40 wallpaper manufacturers together in a quality association. In connection with the RAL German Institute for Quality Assurance and Certification eV, Bonn, and in collaboration with a variety of institutions – including the Federal Environment Agency and the Federal Health Office – established a comprehensive quality regulations, compliance will be monitored by a neutral site. Wallpaper with the RAL quality mark not only guarantee the promised quality, but also the safety of these so-labeled products. This is achieved by the manufacturers * to dispense altogether with the use of the following resources: * Toxic heavy metals in pigments Druckforben * CFC * Lead and cadmium as stabilizers and chlorinated aromatics solvent addition are considerably more stringent limits for heavy metals as an example forChildren’s toys. Vinyl chloride monomer may be detectable in any case, and formaldehyde is several times below the legal requirements. Wallpaper with the RAL quality mark to give security to the end user so that the wallpaper selection can fully concentrate on the beauty of the product. The company has set itself the task of leading the only wallpaper producer in the range. The pattern selection in all styles whether retro, baroque, or just Avantgard Modern is extensively presented. After many years, especially young people wiped their home walls, paint or plaster, the wallpaper is now experiencing a comeback. Wallpaper is back in fashion form the backdrop for advertising campaigns and TV movies, appear in architecture and design magazines, and inspire with an unprecedented variety of motives. Black and white is the hot topic of the season: Not only in fashion, even in furniture design, with the interior and home accessories from the strong contrast that sets the tone. The familiar adage “opposites attractto “holds true here once more. A greater contrast than black and white, can hardly be imagined. Both colors fix the outer limits of the color space, that is any other color is darker than white and brighter than black. This black is the color that absorbs all light, while white reflects all visible colors. For this reason, patterns and structures in black and white are particularly clear and intense. The Germans wallpaper manufacturers have now adopted this lifestyle issue and to present current wallpaper, which played through the theme in many variations. It offered all styles from graphic retro look of neo-baroque ornamental patterns, accentuated eccentric pop art and stripes or minimally businesslike design, whether shiny, matte, with flocking and embossing or gold shimmer.


As a newcomer in the field of alcohol, it is difficult for many to distinguish between the different varieties and to highlight their characteristics clear. So it is different even with the sparkling wines not. Many do not know the difference between champagne and sparkling prosecco. For besides the monetary aspect, which is reflected at the latest at the box office, there are also a number of taste differences. Champagne is the most sophisticated level of refinement of the wine and is usually produced in a factory of sparkling wines. The necessary wine is called champagne base wines. These should be prepared from healthy, ripe grapes, which have a fine, fresh acidity. Prosecco is a white grape variety which grows only in a region in northeastern Italy. Out of this grape is mainly a semi-sparkling wine, vinified in Italian “Frizzante” as well as normal and sparkling wine. Mistakenly, as is often assumed that the Prosecco is a sparkling wine. As already mentioned, however, is not true. “Prosecco” a domain name, which a certainGrape variety owes its name. Produced with these grapes, wines may be described as Prosecco, even if that were not, as originally planted in Italy. The basic premise is, therefore, that where all drinks are also designated with Prosecco Proseccograpes contain. Even with champagne establish a concise distinction is to champagne. This characteristic is primarily the home of Champagne. Only sparkling wines from the French region of “Champagne” can be called champagne. Unlike the Prosecco is not only the content but also the production site and the place of production of essential importance for the designation of the drink. Rehmann.

Tiens Products

Chinese traditional herbal remedy, its use was discovered 1500 years ago by shepherds in the mountains of Tibet, is a fungus that invades a wild larva develops inside. The pastors noted that cattle who eat these grasses grew stronger and with more force. This fungus grows from 3500 to 6000 meters and collecting it is very difficult in very small quantities, being valued as gold. Known in China as zong chao (worm ‘grass). In China they used only the emperors and the ruling elite for vitality and longevity. In 1951 Dr. Ge Ning have achieved an antibiotic derived from the Cordyceps, the Cordyceptin, useful for the treatment of TB. Japanese studies initiated in 1989 found a factor FTX-20 properties attached to it to prevent rejection of organ transplants and skin grafts. The mycelium of Cordyceps, contains as main active ADENOSINE, besides natural vitamins: B1, B2, and E, trace elements like zinc, manganese, selenium, chromium, phosphorus, amino acids, etc. 1.2 Composition per capsule: fermented cordyceps mycelium 0.5 gr. Adenosine 0.85 mg. 1.3 Using traditionally recommended: 1) immunoregulatory: Increases resistance to pathogens. 2) respiratory function: invigorating the lungs and respiratory tract, bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, pulmonary emphysema, respiratory tos.Desinflama. 3) Cardiovascular system prevents atherosclerosis, heart disease, cerebral irrigation maintains, improves peripheral circulation, thus keeping the skin fresh. Prevents hair loss. 4) It is recommended for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, lumbago, osteoporosis. 5) Has anti-fatigue function: recover from fatigue from lack of oxygen, thereby increasing the resistance effort in height and gives more endurance athletes. 6) reproductive system: a cause of aging is due to decreased secretion of sex hormones, the cordyceps is a hormonal stimulant. Besides the cause of aging is attributed to an increase in coenzyme oxidase (MAO), which can be inhibited by the cordyceps. It is recommended for sexual asthenia, impotence and frigidity. 7) Cancer: support for chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery. It has a synergistic effect that enhances the effectiveness of radiation and stabilizes the blood count. 8) Improving liver function 9) No side effects or toxicity. DOSE: It is recommended to take 1 ‘2 Ch. Twice a day. Presentation: Bottle of 100 caps. PRECAUTIONS: cordyceps is indicated for adults, people with immunosuppressive drugs, anticoagulants, or bronchodilators should consult with a physician the appropriateness of their use and dosage. Pregnant and lactating women should consult their physician before use. 2.-CAPSULES Chitose (DIETARY FIBER, FAT TRAP, regular weight) The chitose is a natural product used in China for millennia and is extracted from chitin from the shells of crustaceans (shrimps, prawns, crabs, etc.. ), which undergoes a process that produces the chitosan deacetylation or Chitose, strong positive polarity molecule (cation). Its electric charge is trapped convirete in lipophilic or fat. Fat has negative electric charge (anion) as it binds with Chitose. Dietary fiber is the indigestible chitose retains water to form a gel, it provides no calories and has no nutritional value.

Mexican Social Security Institute

The municipality is served by the Health Houses, the Center for Rural Health, mobile units, the General Hospital and auxiliary health units dependent on the State Health Secretariat (SES). Josyann Abisaab There are also the General Hospital and Family Medical unit under the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), Centro Medico La Carlota located in the municipal-clerk of the Institute of Security and Social Services for State Employees Nuevo Le n (ISSTELEON), private hospitals, specialized hospitals, private doctors and clinics naturists..

Handball Camps

Handball camps are becoming more popular among the holiday camps currently enjoy handball camps of a large popularity. It involves holiday camps for children, the holidays with handball play connect. Carried out mostly in Germany, it represents a low-cost holiday for children between 10 and 16 years. Handball camps aimed especially at children who already play handball in a Club and have fun doing it. Goal of the camp is not only the training of the child in the handball play, but to convey the fun of holiday camps. That is, of course, in everyday life in a camp of handball dancing in the foreground. Well trained instructors teach the children in small groups.

Thereby, there are techniques and methods used, that are not taught in a normal training. So even a video analysis can be carried out with specially trained coaches. It is therefore at the training a special training for the children. The training takes place in a nearby Sports Hall. This is large enough, parallel to several groups to be able to train. Drinks available to children during exercise always free. But even after the training is well catered for the children.

Tour guides take care the children around the clock and provide an active program outside of the training. So, for example, small game dinners or there is a trip to the swimming pool in good weather. Accommodation is usually in a hostel outside of major cities. Handball camps last usually between 4 to 5 days, with only a departure day is the last day on which no training held more finds. Overall, about 14 hours of training be completed at this time. In addition to the fun of the training and other activities, also new friendships between children be made conditional. You can send so alone his child without any problems in a handball camp without fear, it stands there alone.

Carl Zeiss

Stereo microscopes for demanding tasks in MAZeT are since more than 10 years of embedded computing solutions developed for medical applications and manufactured, so also the electronics for the new generation of high-performance stereomicroscopes SteREO Lumar. V12 and SteREO discovery. V12 of the Carl Zeiss AG, whose entire electronics development comes from the design of MAZeT. Task for electronics and software are here to give the stereo microscopes with brilliant optical characteristics for demanding routine and research tasks through innovative electronic control comfort and best performance. The modular, extensible system concept this microscope device electronics includes the operating and Control unit as well as CAN based device bus a variety of sensor – and Aktorbaugruppen.

It provided engines to the focus and the variation of the figure scale, sensors for the detection of filter colors and other features. The system control panel (SyCOP) is an innovative, user-friendly control, based on a 32-bit XScale-processor and Windows CE. The example of Carl Zeiss AG shows how to translate the demands of customers for special features, usability and system extensibility in innovative electronics and software solutions. The development of custom electronic assemblies is increasingly outsourced not only in the medical device manufacturing to external service providers when small quantities, special requests and price pressures in combination meet long product life and device lifetime. The MAZeT GmbH is in this area as a member of the EMS initiative of competent partner for customers who appreciate quality and close cooperation press contact:The 1992 company headquartered in Jena develops, manufactures and delivers software, custom electronic assemblies and ASICs and distributes world’s own JEN COLOR-branded products. Through the wide range of technology and application know-how, the MAZeT GmbH in the field of industrial electronics and opt sensors is a reliable and proven service partner for tailored, customer-specific solutions. Their development expertise and components for special applications are used among other things in the entire range of industrial meteorology control automation, and medical technology.

Decision Makers

2013 Actively, actively counteract the shortage of personnel manager with employee retention and members of the management team of that put the right course for the future to worry about the issue of staff retention. You actively counteract the skills shortage in the company through systematic staff retention. Decision makers in Bavaria have opportunity to learn all about it at a trade seminar in Munich in June 2013. Employee retention is the second most important topic for the personnel work in 2013 in Germany, Austria and in the Switzerland immediately after the establishment of a positive corporate culture. The current HR report 2012/2013 comes to this conclusion. For this study, the Institute for employment and employability (IBE) on behalf of the recruitment specialist of Hays surveyed 714 decision-makers from companies in these three countries. Shortage in Bavaria and nationwide in Germany reported the Federal Agency for work in a staff bottleneck analysis regularly, in which sectors and regions shortage There is.

In Bavaria and other Western provinces, the skills shortage, according to the BA analysis by June 2012 concerned particularly the electrical sector, IT Careers, as well as the companies operating in the fields of mechanical and automotive engineering, Mechatronics and energy. In these industries, particularly specialized professionals, especially engineers are missing in Bavaria and most other western Lander. Health and nursing professions labour, shortages even nationwide in search of doctors, the BA analysis based on simple numbers shows. Digression: special case doctors not a defect, but a distribution problem already 27.06.2011 in an article in the German medical journal before a looming shortage of physicians in Bavaria, despite rising number of doctors warned. One was an increase of part-time workers and doctors, who rather go on maternity leave than their male counterparts. On the other hand is already foreseeable that E.g. for the estimated 4,600 established general practitioners, the 2020 retirement will go, about 1,400 successor are missing.

Simia: Nature Pur High In The Treetops

New ECO climbing forest sets standards in terms of durability and AMSTERDAM of experience of nature, Netherlands. With the completion of the Simia climbing forest, Wekerom, the Dutch specialist of Skywalker adventure builders has emphasized strongly its role as one of the most innovative manufacturers of climbing parks in Europe. One of our was main effort to give people with disabilities, who find themselves excluded at the moment unfortunately in many cases still by the possibility to actively take part in climbing activities, this possibility in the future ‘, says Frank Bookelmann, the initiator of the forest rope park project in Wekerom. ‘ In this respect, we have deliberately engaged Skywalker with the construction. The company is its contemporaries in terms of reliability, durability and natural friendliness of its products far ahead. And Skywalker have already show their readiness during the first preliminary talks, to enter fully into the project as a partner.’ Ewout van Voorst, the C.o.o.

of Skywalker B.V..,. explains: ‘ Simia is just like our company a company for the social aspects play an important role, which socially committed in this context and which will also appeal to people with physical disabilities or learning difficulties. Both our corporate social responsibility very seriously.’ Willeke Lagerweij, co-owner of Simia, added: ‘Skywalker is to our knowledge the only manufacturer of climbing park, invested a lot of time and resources in innovative product development,’ adds Willeke Lagerweij, the co-owner of Simia. ‘ Tags such as durability and natural compatibility are pure lip service or commercial gimmicks for many companies. Skywalker however translates both into practice. Still, we have examined critically the designs presented by Skywalker from two points of view. Tree experts say guarantees developed by Skywalker and anchoring technology for climbing courses used permanent tree health.’ ‘ Our concepts meet the highest European safety standards’, van Voorst continues. ‘ The Simia project is now the fourth of our climbing forest projects, which was equipped with the Edelrid smart belay climbing safety system, to the visitors to allow 100% climbing safety without limiting the fun-factor.’ Simia is the newest natural climbing facility in the Netherlands and will be opened this years in phases since mid-April.

Dali Discover

On the 05.05.2012, Dali Berlin to the long invites night family. Berlin, may 2, 2012. The long night of the family is waiting for this year again. At 125 locations in the city and in the surrounding area children can on May 5 with their parents in the evening and at night experience exciting, explore new and try out together unknown. For the first time now also the cultural highlight Dali exhibition at Potsdamer Platz invites”all large and small visitors on Saturday, the 05.05.2012 between 18 and 21: 00, welcome to one to leave at night enchanted by Salvador Dali.

The families have the opportunity during her visit, without additional cost to take part in one of the almost hourly held public tours with the Dali_Scouts. The historic lithography press from about 1850 will be commissioned in the live demonstrations of lithography that evening again and allows a journey through time with the technology revolution by Dali. As one of the few, this Museum offers conversational tours as a special experience for the interested visitors daily almost hourly as public tours for 6 in. The Dali_Scouts allow the participants, the invitation to follow Dali come into my brain on a journey into his surreal world and explain the various techniques of art, which masterfully dominated Dali, and often completely revolutionized in the course of its paranoic critical approach among others. On the evening of 5 may, attending one of these public guides with valid ticket is free of charge.

Dali works and the Museum can be explored on an exciting treasure hunt. The entry only 4 (adults) or 2 (children) costs to the long night of the family. Over three years Dali exhibition at Potsdamer Platz offers”as a Museum for the first time permanently pulsed the most comprehensive insight in Dali’s virtuoso mastery of almost all techniques of art directly in Berlin Mitte. With over 450 exhibits from private collections around the world, that is multi-layered and complex work of the most popular and at the same time the most polarizing Spanish artist.