As a newcomer in the field of alcohol, it is difficult for many to distinguish between the different varieties and to highlight their characteristics clear. So it is different even with the sparkling wines not. Many do not know the difference between champagne and sparkling prosecco. For besides the monetary aspect, which is reflected at the latest at the box office, there are also a number of taste differences. Champagne is the most sophisticated level of refinement of the wine and is usually produced in a factory of sparkling wines. The necessary wine is called champagne base wines. These should be prepared from healthy, ripe grapes, which have a fine, fresh acidity. Prosecco is a white grape variety which grows only in a region in northeastern Italy. Out of this grape is mainly a semi-sparkling wine, vinified in Italian “Frizzante” as well as normal and sparkling wine. Mistakenly, as is often assumed that the Prosecco is a sparkling wine. As already mentioned, however, is not true. “Prosecco” a domain name, which a certainGrape variety owes its name. Produced with these grapes, wines may be described as Prosecco, even if that were not, as originally planted in Italy. The basic premise is, therefore, that where all drinks are also designated with Prosecco Proseccograpes contain. Even with champagne establish a concise distinction is to champagne. This characteristic is primarily the home of Champagne. Only sparkling wines from the French region of “Champagne” can be called champagne. Unlike the Prosecco is not only the content but also the production site and the place of production of essential importance for the designation of the drink. Rehmann.