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Info event to the SAP application quality management the together of IDOS Software AG and SAP AG of Germany organized QM Info Day provides a forum for all IT and QM staff, project managers and decision makers. A balanced mix of lectures, case studies and practical examples, around the topic > quality management with SAP <, make the info day to an event with high information content. Connect with other leaders such as Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc here. > quality management with SAP < is the subject of the 2013 taking place on the 6th of June 25 QM Infoday. the event info day is the Palatine Hill Convention Centre in Wiesloch/Walldorf instead. separate island solutions in the enterprise-wide quality management provides a forum with its varied mix of lectures, case studies and practical examples for IT and QM staff, project managers and decision makers. More information is housed here: PI Industries. problems may, through the use of the SAP application > quality management < be turned off (QM) as far as possible. This means an integrated solution for all industries with extensive functionality and high integration into the enterprise-wide business processes. The following topics are planned: quality management with SAP at a glance success stories from the industry: Automobilzuliefere, metal processing and specialty efficient processing of inspection lots with QM / 3 reporting, statistics and evaluation under SAP QM with subsystem VIEW/3 systematic identification and integrated analysis of “specific characteristics (VDA)” SAP quality issue management – a new approach for a comprehensive problem – and Massnahmenmanagment of the agenda, with further information to the topics, visit the page of IDOS Software AG. Contact: IDOS QMS GmbH Gerwigstrasse 53 76131 Karlsruhe Tanja Schneider marketing Tel. + 49 (0) 721 96225 0 FAX + 49 (0) 721 96225 50 the IDOS Software AG, headquartered in Karlsruhe, Germany, is a solution provider for quality management with SAP. The 1979 founded company offers cross-industry consulting and introduction of the SAP application “Quality management” for the areas receiving, production, test monitoring, message being and complaint processing. Certified subsystems allow the integration of measurement, testing and laboratory systems, as well as standardized QM report templates with graphical & statistical reports (E.g. ability to test medium).

Real Italians

At the trade fair in Dusseldorf, BALLY WULFF presented products for the Italian market in Berlin, the 09.01.2014. Games & Entertainment GmbH is the BALLY WULFF for over 60 years, one of the leading German companies in the consumer electronics and combines the areas of development, production and distribution of money game devices. The sales of the products focused on the German market, but also on its export business. Hence market news for Italy will be presented at this year’s IMA in Dusseldorf. BALLY WULFF could already achieve great success on the Italian market in the past few months. As for the adjustment and thus the adaptation on electronic single games BALLY WULFF 2012 had brought an expert in the House himself with Reinhard Schloh, who since then is responsible for the re-entry of the brand BALLY WULFF in the Italian market. Red Solo Cups: the source for more info.

The fruits of this work are presented at the trade fair of IMA from the 14th to the 18th of January 2014. Meanwhile, BALLY WULFF has a good network of sales and production partners in Italy built and BURN THE SEVENS and MAGIC BOOK established the first games for the Italian market and thus the typical properties and laws. BALLY WULFF at IMA in the luggage has a total of 5 devices of its hardware partner favola. The Singelgames impressively stylish, functional design, where the housing MAYA EVA with the option on two 19-inch monitors and MAYA ECLIPSE with the option of two 22-inch screens are equipped. Both single games are exclusively designed for the Italian market and are their low construction depth with optimized space requirements related primarily for use in bars. In addition to the devices convince”our games by winning ways and exciting graphics, explains Reinhard Schloh and invites all those interested to look past 8a at the booth of BALLY WULFF in Hall: you get excited. Because we have creative ideas on board and can assist with advice and assistance to the side!”

Decision Makers

2013 Actively, actively counteract the shortage of personnel manager with employee retention and members of the management team of that put the right course for the future to worry about the issue of staff retention. You actively counteract the skills shortage in the company through systematic staff retention. Decision makers in Bavaria have opportunity to learn all about it at a trade seminar in Munich in June 2013. Employee retention is the second most important topic for the personnel work in 2013 in Germany, Austria and in the Switzerland immediately after the establishment of a positive corporate culture. The current HR report 2012/2013 comes to this conclusion. For this study, the Institute for employment and employability (IBE) on behalf of the recruitment specialist of Hays surveyed 714 decision-makers from companies in these three countries. Shortage in Bavaria and nationwide in Germany reported the Federal Agency for work in a staff bottleneck analysis regularly, in which sectors and regions shortage There is.

In Bavaria and other Western provinces, the skills shortage, according to the BA analysis by June 2012 concerned particularly the electrical sector, IT Careers, as well as the companies operating in the fields of mechanical and automotive engineering, Mechatronics and energy. In these industries, particularly specialized professionals, especially engineers are missing in Bavaria and most other western Lander. Health and nursing professions labour, shortages even nationwide in search of doctors, the BA analysis based on simple numbers shows. Digression: special case doctors not a defect, but a distribution problem already 27.06.2011 in an article in the German medical journal before a looming shortage of physicians in Bavaria, despite rising number of doctors warned. One was an increase of part-time workers and doctors, who rather go on maternity leave than their male counterparts. On the other hand is already foreseeable that E.g. for the estimated 4,600 established general practitioners, the 2020 retirement will go, about 1,400 successor are missing.