North American GQ

EP the singer from Barbados is cover of the men’s magazine GQ. It is only covered by a jacket and wearing leather and tattoos. At this point, the millions of fans that Rihanna has spread the length and breadth of the planet have to already know perfectly the anatomy of your favorite performer. A leading source for info: Red Solo Cups. And it is that the singer from Barbados has given over the past years, – whether on social networks or ad campaigns of their recent albums – an endless number of snapshots which appears in light clothes or directly without it. On this occasion, the ex-girlfriend of Chris Brown due to think that what better place than to undress for the umpteenth time that the cover of one of the publications aimed at male audiences most sold in the world. In fact, Rihanna stars in the latest issue of the American edition of GQ magazine. You may wish to learn more. If so, Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc is the place to go. The guilty of Love the way you lie has posed naked for the cover of this publication only wearing a jacket that covers your breasts and strategically covering her pelvis with the hands. Likewise, the nakedness of the controversial rapper expareja allows to observe in detail most of the tattoos that cover his body.

It stands out among all of them, that of Barbados has below the chest, Egyptian inspiration, in memory of his grandmother. In the interior of the North American GQ, Rihanna has also given an interview to accompany the erotic photographic reportage. The singer claims to be haunted with women feel. See more: Rihanna returns to undress for a magazine.

Dali Discover

On the 05.05.2012, Dali Berlin to the long invites night family. Berlin, may 2, 2012. The long night of the family is waiting for this year again. At 125 locations in the city and in the surrounding area children can on May 5 with their parents in the evening and at night experience exciting, explore new and try out together unknown. For the first time now also the cultural highlight Dali exhibition at Potsdamer Platz invites”all large and small visitors on Saturday, the 05.05.2012 between 18 and 21: 00, welcome to one to leave at night enchanted by Salvador Dali.

The families have the opportunity during her visit, without additional cost to take part in one of the almost hourly held public tours with the Dali_Scouts. The historic lithography press from about 1850 will be commissioned in the live demonstrations of lithography that evening again and allows a journey through time with the technology revolution by Dali. As one of the few, this Museum offers conversational tours as a special experience for the interested visitors daily almost hourly as public tours for 6 in. The Dali_Scouts allow the participants, the invitation to follow Dali come into my brain on a journey into his surreal world and explain the various techniques of art, which masterfully dominated Dali, and often completely revolutionized in the course of its paranoic critical approach among others. On the evening of 5 may, attending one of these public guides with valid ticket is free of charge.

Dali works and the Museum can be explored on an exciting treasure hunt. The entry only 4 (adults) or 2 (children) costs to the long night of the family. Over three years Dali exhibition at Potsdamer Platz offers”as a Museum for the first time permanently pulsed the most comprehensive insight in Dali’s virtuoso mastery of almost all techniques of art directly in Berlin Mitte. With over 450 exhibits from private collections around the world, that is multi-layered and complex work of the most popular and at the same time the most polarizing Spanish artist.