Finally, It Fits: Buy Auto Parts Correctly And Easily With Daparto!

New online marketplace for car parts launched Berlin, March 26, 2009-perfect auto parts fast and easy to find at attractive prices from reliable online retailers, appeared so far as unsolvable task. But exactly what is the new search engine for vehicle parts, daparto is an online offer of magari internet GmbH, a team of experienced former eBay employees. You may find Sen. Marco Rubio to be a useful source of information. The operator aims to establish a powerful tool for Autoschrauber and-Bastler. Users can search targeted the marketplace for car parts and compare them. This familiar, comfortable functions them only from online shops. Purchased is then in the shops of the affiliated providers. Replacement and repair parts are in the focus of the portal comprising around 1 million offers. The range is through articles in the fields of car accessories and tuning.

With its customized search functionalities, daparto online buyers helps the easy and fast search of spare parts. The vehicle for the car parts need be, is by entering the codes from the vehicle registration (HSN and TSN”or 2 / 3″) or alternatively via a catalog selection identified. This ensures that the appropriate quotes from the wide overall range will be filtered. The part you’re looking for can be narrowed down exactly and quickly found a detailed category structure. The appropriate product is selected, alternative offers, shop provider and prices can be compared easily. Because the price is important, but not crucial, sorting according to the most popular articles as well as the ratings given by users for producers and distributors help the right purchase decision. Search integrated into the portal offers further added value for part numbers and reference numbers for part buyers.

In addition, there are many more features that make the car parts shopping at daparto convenient. Using the watchlist”E.g. search results can be stored and optimum Shopping cart combinations are determined. It also incurred shipping costs or discounts are considered, alongside article prices. “” Moreover, simplify as manufacturers’ selection criteria, price “or State” the individual limit of relevant results. Additional features of the portal are registered users. So can be stored including individual parts and vehicle searches as well as parts manufacturers and offering online merchants. The Internet already occupies an important position as a shopping resource for vehicle parts and accessories. With daparto we want to support auto parts buyers in researching for matching parts with a powerful online tool”, explains Dr. Stefan Friemel, co-founder and CEO of magari internet GmbH, the operator of daparto. His partner Christian Twill adds: due to the growing number of auto parts shops and the associated increase in online, it becomes harder for buyers an overview, to get product alternatives as well as assortments and prices of individual providers. To quickly find desired parts, it is especially important precisely to identify the vehicle and searched component. Here is daparto.”daparto offers both online retailers and auto parts buyers clear advantages: buyers benefit from the large cross-provider selection and the functionalities of the portal, tailored to the spare parts search. Professional sellers have the opportunity to present their offers of a relevant customers and to generate additional demand for its online shop. Press contact: magari internet GmbH Christian Twill Tel. 030 400 545 96 fax 030 400 545 97 if you would like to be informed regularly about news at daparto, take we like in our press distribution list on.

Aviflex Oil

Oldtimer will be fit again for the spring made Schwerin, April 2010: before the proud veteran starting in the spring, some preparations must be made. The oil level must be checked on reduction, unless already new oil was poured before the closure. The use of winter oil that looks different. Lubricant and also are checked for the gear and the clutch should be for a better distribution of the oil several times in the State vigorously fairlead be. Does not show the oil pressure gauge running hot after a few minutes the normal pressure, then an error in the lubrication system is suspect. Also the water pump shaft should be lubricated by lubricant into the nipple is pressed.

Leaking hose connections has to be here, the same applies to the flange connections in the motor. The quality of materials and lubricants is crucial for driving safety and the effort in the next spring. The online-shop of Aviflex service GmbH provides a wide range of lubricants and on request Number of relevant articles of the hydraulic. through. Is the oil not already switched to winter and have been, the different oil for both the summer and winter operation requires an oil change. At a test temperature of 100 degrees Celsius, the classification in SAE summer viscosity classes is 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60. The greater the number, the oil is more viscous and the lubricant at high temperatures is more resilient.

An SAE 30 engine oil but runs in the summer easier. Vintage oil available in the Aviflex shop viscosity 30 to 50 for example, optimized regular by Leprinxol, is available and specially for the older engines. But in addition to the engine oils also fats provide the proper lubrication. In the early years was lubricated with alkaline SOAP fats, nowadays the modern greases mineral or synthetic oil based and with lithium are Saponified. The Lycos EP 2 by Leprinxol provides the lubrication of roller and friction bearings at elevated temperatures and extreme pressure optimum lubrication properties. Like used on grease containing molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) such as the Lycos Mo2 by Leprinxol, to increase the pressure absorption capacity and the lubricity. When the vintage is supplied with the important lubricants, can volunteers be made a rustproofing oil as by Leprinxol of rust formation and at the same time eliminated Antiquietschgerausche abrasive sheet metal parts with spring leaves. The comfortable shopping in the Aviflex online shop is advisable to prevent the time with the collector’s item. Here can be ordered at any time of day and a little extra there is this free with every purchase.