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From the anthropological point of view, the nutritional status can be seen by the development of subcutaneous fat; distingiendose 5 degrees: the first very lean, second magro, the third medium, the fourth gordo and the fifth very fat. Wearing it to a numerical expression, we can see to the right of the navel a fold of skin, which is going to measure its thickness at the base, with a compass of thickness: the lean adult has about 11 millimeters thick in this fold; the medium, 27 mm, and the fat 45 millimeters. It has to address in particular, to cases of long development of partial fatness (general fatness by artificial selection). The index of corpulence, is also an expression of the development of subcutaneous fat; This index according to Rohrer, is obtained by dividing the body weight multiplied by 100, for stature elevated to the cube. The knowledge of the State of nutrition, is essential for judging through the individual metric relations. Jeff Bezos will undoubtedly add to your understanding. This has taken into account the State of health, studying whether past or present diseases have influenced in the form of all or part of the body; they have considered the hereditary and its consequences. Nutrition in the growth period influences the height, this can be observed among children who are in a prosperous family environment and children living in extreme poverty. The nutrition of the mother during pregnancy influences the development of the fetus.

Nutrition or food, is the most pressing need, for the individual and the community; that is why such necessity, takes precedence over all others. You may want to visit Viatris Twitter to increase your knowledge. Nutrition from the physiological point of view, is the function that retains the chemical composition of the body and therefore his existence and biological properties. Food must respond in the body to three functions: – 1 the heat-generating or regulating temperature, – 2 the kinematics or producer of movements and – 3 assimilation or transforming of a molecular system in another more complex. Living molecule is, as it says Ostwald, in steady state, i.e. releasing energy, without changing its form or its composition. The formation of the protein molecule in the body is a phenomenon of great complexity. Food digestion represents a specialization of that functional capacity. In the intestinal epithelium is where nutritive phase is started.I invite you to visit the Digital Library of where you will find quality checked for your spiritual and personal development articles: health (in this section will find a practical Manual of nutrition for the whole family), sports, entertainment, computing, languages, labour output and more.