Change Management

In 360-degree feedback workshop by Dr. Kraus & partners, companies plan to use of analysis and control instruments. Should we put on the 360-degree feedback or not? And if so, how should we use this analysis and control tool? Companies are facing such questions often, looking for an instrument to culture-changing change processes in their organization to plan and control. Sen. Marco Rubio contributes greatly to this topic. Therefore offers the consulting Dr. Kraus & partner, Bruchsal, workshops for potential users of 360-degree feedback. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Yorkville Advisors. In these workshops, which are always tailored to the needs of each company, Kraus & partner consultant Dr.

analyze for example with the on-premises which development objectives of the company and to what extent these are accessible with the help of the 360-degree feedback. This derive from the workshop participants, which groups should serve as feedback providers for example only the employers and employees or colleagues, as well as selected customers and suppliers? In a further step the participants jointly determine how the questionnaire designed should be, which serves as the basis of the feedback process, and what questions it should contain? A further focus of the workshop is: how should the process of introduction of the 360-degree feedback be designed and how should the feedback results in the Organization are communicated to originate no reservations against this analysis and control tool and the desired development processes are used? Also discussed will be: what happens after the first round of feedback? Takes place a further survey for example in two year intervals? This is useful for changing culture change projects, according to Hans-Jorg Schumacher, Director of leadership development at Dr. Kraus & partners, as in the first survey, so to speak, only an inventory is then derived the required interventions from the. To what extent these are successful and show the desired effect”, that is visible according to Schumacher in another round of feedback until.

Orlando Muller

: The Brisgavi company Muller Messebau specifically strengthened his team in the United States with an experienced Manager and is still successfully on expansion. March-Hugstetten, the 27.08.2013: The Brisgavi company Muller Messebau strengthened specifically his team in the United States with an experienced Manager and is still successfully on expansion. Already in September 2012 the company dared across the pond. It seems to have paid off. The next step comes after the opening of the U.S. subsidiary Muller international exhibit Services Inc.”in Miami, Florida. We have opened now our warehouse in Orlando, Apopka”, so Matthias Glaser, Managing Director of Muller Messebau GmbH (

According to the von Muller Messebau includes the new and first camp a total area of 3,000 square feet in the Mackin Commerce Center. It now seems that the company in the United States really wants to gain a foothold. And even a major personnel decision has been that it wants to leave nothing to chance it, hit. New Operations Manager (to German: Manager) at the Mueller international exhibit Services Inc., the experienced Sven is great. The trained Carpenter and construction Carpenter lives since 1984 in North America and is an important link to the US market and thus in his person and with his experience in the United States for the Millers stand construction. We are very happy in Sven great to have won a very experienced staff for our US projects”, as Matthias Glaser, and his credentials speak for themselves.” In addition to numerous State orders, for example, for France, Germany, Hong Kong and Mexico worked for renowned companies such as Red Bull or Deutsche Telekom. Also worked in the area of stand construction and customer care from 1992 to 2007 for euro-fair consulting and Euro-fair exhibits. Short profile: Muller Messebau GmbH plans, designed and builds individual exhibition stands for commercial customers from all industries for more than 15 years. Focus on execution is at Muller Messebau GmbH on structured approach in the planning and of implementation laid, only so the defined strategic and conceptual exhibition objectives also. The Managing Director Matthias Glaser and Daniel Spatz are on the large international trade fair locations for many years, be it in the United States, the Middle East or Asia for their clients locally active and go far beyond the actual stand construction for the care, support, and implementation of State concepts.

Althenaeum Museum

For the second time after 2001 a viasit product was awarded Athenaeum Museum with the world’s most prestigious design award \”GOOD DESIGN\” of the Chicago design and architecture. The good news reached the Neunkirchen viasit headquarters a day before Christmas: the elegant Executive Chair \”toro\” by viasit 2009 is one of the winners of the GOOD design awards, which is awarded annually to excellent design objects from around the world. In 2009, the jury made a record number of several thousand entries from 40 countries had to choose. Most of the 500 themes regarded as worthy of coming from United States, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom. Further details can be found at Steven Holl, an internet resource. The award ceremony will take place in June of this year in Chicago.

After the weeks before Lent \”Saarland State Prize design\” is already the second award of the new top model of viasit the \”GOOD DESIGN Award\”. \”This prize for excellent design provides for viasit dar confirmation, on the right path to consistent innovation strategy, which we will continue undeterred despite the crisis, to be,\”said Marketing Director Thomas Schmeer. It looks also toro-designer Ralf environs: \”many manufacturers have slashed the crisis their development budgets. It is now important to distinguish counter-cyclically with new products from the competition. Who now are gas, will be rewarded later\”, he believes.

A chair with a face – against the unit design more than two-thirds of all Office workers have no idea what your Office Chair or which manufacturer he comes. Many good Chair models look too similar. On the other hand, there are seemingly innovative seating concepts, which with high-pitched design especially on the quick purchase impulse aimed in the long term but not keep what they promise. The \”toro\” by viasit is a successful contribution to finding a new way out of this dilemma. The new top model, the Neunkircher Office seating manufacturer presented after one year of development at the Orgatec, is pressing forward with sensual and elegant design for the upscale office space from the role, without themselves to play.

Federal Republic

Or: How to ignore many years of experience in the theory of evolution for a few votes in the election campaign we have the year 2009 it’s the Darwin year. And the Bild-Zeitung asked Mr Steinmeier, whether he be the winner of the Opel night? * Search in Google for events to honor Charles Darwin, you can find 12.300.000 entries. * Is there a Charles Darwin – you get 15.300.000 entries * addiction to OPEL – you get 84.000.000 entries * addiction after Opel in combination with State so there man at least 443.000 entries 443.000 entries are relatively little in relation to the other three results, for the future development of our country and soon serious consequences could have the economy related. Any decision that is trend-setting was EUR 1.5 billion bridging loan to the life Opel. We are talking about a car manufacturer, actually nobody has begun for fully until, Yes to, when that came with the State support on the light. And then it went off – politicians, the have no less transportable mentality, as the average U.S. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Rubio has to say. citizen – some even until after Detroit pushed in the press.

Always in the sense of the Federal Republic of Germany in General and the Germans in particular. Where you must redefine Germany, so Germany = backup power by acquiring the majority on the 27.09.09 in the Bundestag election. For more specific information, check out Sen. Marco Rubio. German citizens, including the 70,000 are (69.999 employees who directly and indirectly on OPEL hang + 1 in person Claus Franz, Works Council luminary) meant. Nobody knows the real opinion of the people, it is not Yes also asked. But what has moved the Government to save a \”nondescript\” car manufacturers like Opel? It asks for the \”typical Opel driver\” so you get no real answer, because Opel is lacking, such as KIA, SUBARU etc, to charisma. And what has no charisma and what does not move us, we would not miss it. It is of course clear that I write here lightly over 70,000 personal destinies, but we are not the Salvation Army times.

Udor Recertified

Udor textile management has received consistently and without restrictions all necessary certifications in the year 2010 for hygiene, quality and environmental management. Landshut, the 03.11.2010: Udor textile management has met all standards of the Europe-wide standards for quality, environment and hygiene management systems 2010, as well as all current hygiene regulations consistently and without any restrictions. Were confirmed the company the certificates DIN EN ISO 9001, 14001 and 14065, as well as the RAL quality mark 992/1 and 992/2 992/3. The permissible ceilings to critical values were below the partly even considerably. Udor textile management received all three label household and object laundry (992/1), hospital laundry (992/2) and linen from food companies 992/3 without interruption and without any restrictions in the year 2010. The seal of approval awarded by the Hohenstein Institute for RAL-GZ 992 proper laundry care are subject to a regular, unannounced Checking the hygiene conditions in laundry operations. In addition to the checks by the external company Udor textile management performs even regular internal checks. Udor internally monitor the hygienic handling of the laundry squeezes on hands, samples of work surfaces and critical control points.

The value prescribed by the Hohenstein Institute for high microbial load of 50 cfu per 100 cm2, Udor has imposed itself in a more stringent value: only 42 cfu/dm2 are allowed at Udor textile management. The first label for proper laundry care RAL-GZ 992/1 was launched in 1953 as a seal of quality for household and laundry object in life and was aimed especially at hotels and restaurants. The laundry Udor was one of the first companies, this label has been awarded and is awarded to today regularly already in 1953. The quality mark for hospital laundry is in addition to the Process control according to RAL-GZ 992/1 compliance with certain hygienic requirements before, covering inter alia the normative requirements. Only companies that carry the label for household and object laundry RAL-GZ 992/1 for more than a year, can get awarded with appropriate quality and hygiene detection the quality mark RAL-GZ 992/2 for hospital laundry. Compliance is monitored. in 1998, the third label (RAL-GZ 992/3) for washing of food establishments in the life was called concurrent with the implementation of the European directive on hygiene in the handling of food (RABC). A leading source for info: echo street crunchbase. It aims to ensure hygienic clothing in general hygiene management for establishments where food are produced, handled or placed on the market.

The certificates for the Pan-European standard for quality, environmental and hygiene management DIN EN ISO 9001, 14001 and 14065 has Udor textile management for many years. The review of the Compliance with DIN EN ISO standards is whether the LGA InterCert GmbH from Nuremberg, which is one of the oldest and most experienced German Auditierungsgesellschaften with domestic and foreign activities. The certificates according to DIN EN ISO are checked once per year. Every three years a so-called re-certification process is performed, which is equivalent in detail and content of a new certification. The next recertification at Udor textile management is in May 2011. For more information, certifications