Alibi German Company Sold

The double life as a permanent alibi for anyone. And not just for individual hours, no, but circumstances for many years. Do you have a profession, you’d rather want to hide? A long-term affair or regularly cheating? Then, the so-called permanent alibi maybe is the solution for you, at home to maintain the appearance of the good housewife or the faithful caring family man. The whole thing runs like a kind of membership. Against a monthly Contribution of 180,-euros, runs the customer at a real company which covers all activities of the customers. The company vehicle, and the business trip is from real cards and mailings about extension number, corporate E-mail, all inclusive.

According to the founder of Stefan, yew use this service. Although many people from the adult movie industry, but also women and men, which in their activities do not restrict themselves let”We have Escortfrauen and mistresses that need a permanent alibi for your activity. Sometimes know his own family by the activity, but the indirect environment to know about this. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Central Romana by clicking through. Some customers fear that social exclusion, or that your kids are then reared in the school. Others want that absolutely nobody knows, what they do in reality, or do a real double life with 2 resident and mistress. The alibi pros have appropriate partners who offer their customers a second life in real life for years from any industry.

Even virtual offices abroad, to send handwritten mail from all over the world and alibi offered addresses. Who guesses there that is behind the successful business man from the import / export industry, a Callboy? Or the prestigious agency head in reality as a dominatrix heats up men? “Often it comes to the protection of privacy and of the own standing” as yew. “You want to just go alone his life live and must not justify, checks out of the way, or a relationship break. Who’s running an escort agency, as Prostitute works or operates in the escort service, would an alibi this bind by everyone on the nose.” Gerd is a passionate player and would not burden his conscience if he at night enjoys to gamble good, while his wife sits at home. Petra would like to awaken no envy, by the new Porsche allegedly provided by a company and Andreas has a mistress for many years, but can get divorced not because financial disadvantages. The alibi professional employees see themselves as life consultant and have no bad conscience to support others in a lie. The perfect double life a la Charles Lindberg now also available for anyone (and woman) on.