Price Comparison – price comparison for virtual server virtual server – the cheaper alternative of the server operation a price comparison shows quickly that virtual server is much less costly and less time-consuming to use as their own Serverhard and software for small or large Web projects. Well-known provider for Internet services and virtual server are 1 & 1, 1Blu, Greatnet, Strato and Hosteurope. They offer both packages for beginners as well as for smaller companies and major customers. The scope of services of the different rates of the above provider will be presented on In this way, the interested party receives an ideal base for a price comparison and a decision basis for the collective choice. He reached through a link directly to the home page of the provider of its choice. Who would like to learn fundamentals of decision making, what virtual server at all, you will also find it at

The sense and purpose of the VServer is described in detail and also for lay people to understand. Still, the visitor experiences which, Variations there, the provider should meet the hardware requirements and which safety aspects are to consider. The tariffs of the provider featured on the page meet all conditions for the stable and secure operation of virtual server. Tools for virtual server, the server can be equipped with different operating systems. They will also be presented on the Vserver homepage. Appropriate and proven for years operating systems are CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Gentoo, Slackware, SUSE and Ubuntu. Administration tools are used to allow access to the server and to manage the customers.

These are so built that they allow an innovative operation. DirectAdmin, ISPConfig, will be presented cPanel SysCP, Plesk and Confixx, vhcs. The meticulous performance and price comparison prevents a wrong decision who uses the valuable information to virtual servers, providers, operating systems and administration tools for decision making, can be opt for a package optimally tailored to your own needs. Individuals are also found such as small and large companies. A starter package of iBlu Hosteurope, Greatnet is quite sufficient for personal use while the tariffs for professionals include numerous practical features, which allow the implementation of large and complex projects to a reasonable price.


Individual configurators for online shops is the challenge in complex or individual products in the advice and pricing. Still challenging the selection and consultation process is, if the transaction takes place online, for example, in online shops or order forms. For this purpose, individual product configurations are a promising approach. Products in the online store individually In the product configurator by econsor characteristics, material, colors, or individual attributes such as texts and accessories are configured. While the end user wins a prize immediately updated depending on the selection shown. The Configurator is based on standard software magento and will be integrated into the online store via the interface.

This standard processes such as the optimized order process, flexible payment options, or extensible interfaces to the ERP are optimally. So, almost every individual configuration option for products in an online shop with extensive standard functionality can be mapped. Product Configurator on ZWOSIX am You can see example of the online-shop of ZWOSIX, as a standard software such as the online shop system magento can be expanded a product configurator. Custom printed articles with different colors and basic versions are here configured a product and add to cart. Product Configurator can be ordered from painter with painter under other individual templates for painter templates or custom stickers. In addition to a configuration of the texts, of the material and colors, it is also possible your own files in the configurator. Also this product configurator is implemented as individual extension in the standard solution for online shops magento. To the online shop – –

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The main cause is the company. These are also factors that called Stefan Buchner, Managing Director of the UBGM consultancy for corporate health management as a trigger of stress and burnout: “The past experts were often in the view that there are so-called Burnout personalities”, he explains. “Now this is but clearly refuted and you know that the main cause in the companies themselves is to find.” His experience after two factors are crucial: the values are lived in a company, and the leadership. Two to three years ago, as many mergers and restructurings have occurred, there was a significant increase of Burnout cases, due to the low, that the staff didn’t know the values of the new or restructured company and the managers were unable to cope. The economic crisis will certainly lead to an increasing burden of burnout. Fewer and fewer people know what with her Workplace, their companies and ultimately her private life will happen. The executives are in the responsibility. Stefan Buchner sees the clear responsibility of executives.

“The issue of appreciation plays an important role. That is very simple and easy: you praise. They may look not only deficit-oriented, how you can optimize the performance of your employees, but they must commend what perhaps is considered normal basics,”he advises. He cites executives who once a week through their departments go, talk with the staff and tap them on the shoulder as positive examples. “This is more effective for personal appreciation than any euro which is paid more, or any bonus which will be paid out”, he knows. Also the appraisal interview is an important tool: the employee feels that there are values in the company, which also be lived? What is important to him in his work? What is it personal important? Finally, leadership training, in which particular leadership style will be analyzed, pressures within the company to determine and trained health-promoting behaviors, be useful. According to Stefan Buchner, prevention is especially important.

: If the child once fell into the well and early burnout cases occur, it is difficult and tedious, to counteract. Psychotherapeutic help is needed and the staff is usually for a long time. Power waste often result from the non-affected employees. Therefore the prevention of stress and burnout should be alone a part of normal development, argues Buchner and added: “In some large companies this is fortunately already the case.”

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Registration is possible also by E-Mail or phone. The presentation followed by discussion aims to introduce the basic capabilities of the highly personalized fortune cookies, then more intensely on possible projects and opportunities to enter. The spectrum here ranges from the usage as an extraordinary invitation or as exclusive raffle with prize draw and extends to topics relating to the acquisition of new customers, customer service or claims management. Not to mention the idea that the motivation for its own employees and are increasing for the great work or the successfully completed project to thank. On-site enough samples to provide the participants are to be convinced of the quality and taste. That still is not enough, which also finds out how he can give you the own fortune cookies even more exclusive. The recipe also can be with fine champagne or the most expensive spice in the world saffron, further personalize the and to the own needs Customize. The biscuit fork offers its customers in the safe implementation developed idea-full support.

This is also so far, that the contracting authority provides for example a birthday list only. The biscuit fork then ensures that, then on his birthday, a packet with personal address and letter on the desk are each customer has. About the biscuit fork UG (haftungsbeschrankt): The biscuit fork has specializes in highly personalized gifts for prospects and customers by company and also for the private sector. Fortune cookies are the core product. They convince through taste, size and the possibilities of personalization.

Almost all customer requirements can be met by the impressive size and production in hand work. Not only that the piece of paper in the fortune cookie with graphic or as a letter can be designed, even the packaging (in different versions) can already be individualized in small quantities. Even the recipe can according to customer requirements complements be to create a special touch and a unique experience. Contact details: cookie fork UG (haftungsbeschrankt) Stephan Preiss of Managing Director Dai way 48 c-92318 Neumarkt i.d.OPf. Phone: + 49-9181 511498 telefax: + 49 3212 7727368 E-Mail: Internet: press information: we appreciate a note or a copy, if you publish an article about us. We are also for a personal interview at the disposal. If you want to know fortune cookies even better, we send also a pattern fortune cookie you (as a journalist, editor or Rapporteur).

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On the other hand the annoyed sensory overload and the desire to want to decide what you need, and you now know that it is found on the Internet. Because here you will find everything. Answer no I do not have time, buy nothing, leave me alone!”, which are alike with a confirmation, that the company offers obvious yet no alternatives. In a world where everyone in the next few years using smart phones today with over 200,000 applications waiting, also the practicality in terms of individual media use and reachability now also with the I-pad experience can be, because she have the Web mobile networked and can act freely in this world play a role of which you would expect only the players. “Marketing is so inspiring, attractive, exciting, interactive and offers its audiences the preference: I have a choice and react to what I like!” The middle class represented himself, however, as a mouse before the snake in the expectation, what and whether what it happens in many cases outside.

The Snake, that is, the innovative competitors, the own misjudgment, sometimes the inhibition as a result of their own lack of understanding this request as decision makers to open. kg u know she bites and has accepted this fact. It offers not only education, but especially modern strategies and procedures, also without playing with mega budgets. At the same time, kg-u confirmed responsible consultant Andreas role from his own experience: with each passing day, when nothing is done, cost and displacement situations will increase for the next day. It no longer goes to the beauty of the site, it comes to market share, know-how, networking marketing and sales with the Web, to be able to edit the Web market. It is a strategic decision, not operational for the multimedia Department or even the 15 year old son of the Managing Director, the fun of the site design has. “Andreas role sets to his call on the strategic decision-makers with the recommendation that the own Web situation write a review to recognize, then to decide what role on the Web the company must participate in this market. Any assistance such as E.g. analysis of the Web situation, current market potential, as well as the use of target groups can be requested at any time from the consulting portfolio of kg-u. For those interested in a presentation available, inspired to, with what resources and actions an adequate communication and sales mix today may maintained is under interim management. interim management