Pacific Waves

Many years ago back I got to enjoy it, when still no they were exploited as tourism, simply Leon were what more they took advantage of it and kept a natural virginity of its landscape not altered by modernism. It is characterized by being little inhabited and one could enjoy it widely. Its waves are impressive, stormy, good for surfing, but also dangerous if abused them, by strong currents that occur, own of the Pacific, however, bathe in them is something extraordinary, they generate feelings of joy that makes one to leverage their time, feeling the immensity and power of that sea granted us. As some have written her come familiarly to eat fish with garlic and enjoy a good rum flor de cana, drink typical of the Nicaraguan people. Definitely spend a sunset on these beaches is a wonderful thing by the landscape that is presented and as some suggest is a unique chromatic and natural spectacle: the Sun, in a matter of minutes, sinking beneath the sea and dyed in colors orange and Purple, leaving Juan Venado Island (natural protected area which can be accessed by boat) as special partner to enjoy the evening on the beach. Since then, being these beaches are must enjoy what also offers of las Penitas which for that time was totally Virgin and enjoyed beautifully above all because it offers different waves on a beach of more than 8 km long which has waves all the time. It is said that at the present time, many surfers returned delighted by the force of the waves in some points, while others relax in small waves when the Sun falls gently. The people of las Penitas is lovely, a village of fishermen that very recently surfing was only down a wave without breaking or tricks of any kind.


With all the wedding preparations, sometimes overlook this vital acquisition which will delight for the groom and pride for the bride: the lingerie. It is always good with advance dieting corresponding and better yet sign up to the gym a few months earlier, since not only the dress will look spectacular in the bride, it is also fair and necessary to captivate the boyfriend and make him remember how lucky you is have you chosen as wife. Don’t let these necessary purchases, which in addition will be the cherry on the cake that will end one day side more incredibly beautiful in our lives. First thing you should think about is how you want to achieve the perfect climate for your honeymoon, it’s get the point just by what you definitely want to stay with a set or a stunning Nightgown. Details are what really shows his sophisticated style, you can find ornaments inspired by male clothes like ties and stripes with soft colors and delicate shades of nude, as caramel, cinnamon or colors roses, will keep it cover, wasting sensuality, mixed with dark edges to create a contrast that highlights a refined elegance with tones skin color. What we recommend: the look of a delicate BRA’s Cup and panty, with porta system leagues and ties on bra details, details that they demonstrate sensuality and style..

Handball Camps

Handball camps are becoming more popular among the holiday camps currently enjoy handball camps of a large popularity. It involves holiday camps for children, the holidays with handball play connect. Carried out mostly in Germany, it represents a low-cost holiday for children between 10 and 16 years. Handball camps aimed especially at children who already play handball in a Club and have fun doing it. Goal of the camp is not only the training of the child in the handball play, but to convey the fun of holiday camps. That is, of course, in everyday life in a camp of handball dancing in the foreground. Well trained instructors teach the children in small groups.

Thereby, there are techniques and methods used, that are not taught in a normal training. So even a video analysis can be carried out with specially trained coaches. It is therefore at the training a special training for the children. The training takes place in a nearby Sports Hall. This is large enough, parallel to several groups to be able to train. Drinks available to children during exercise always free. But even after the training is well catered for the children.

Tour guides take care the children around the clock and provide an active program outside of the training. So, for example, small game dinners or there is a trip to the swimming pool in good weather. Accommodation is usually in a hostel outside of major cities. Handball camps last usually between 4 to 5 days, with only a departure day is the last day on which no training held more finds. Overall, about 14 hours of training be completed at this time. In addition to the fun of the training and other activities, also new friendships between children be made conditional. You can send so alone his child without any problems in a handball camp without fear, it stands there alone.

No Dream, But Tight It Should Be

Through special training, balanced nutrition and mental strength to the body a few women today have the so-called dream 90-60-90, which are around since the fifties of the last century in the conversation. This is firstly because that the average body size among women has increased. The horizontal values must be of course also vertically in the right proportion, to be really beautiful. On the other hand, it is but the fact that women not more so rigorously want to be pressing in a standard. The diversity is today particularly large and really, each has the opportunity to feel at home in your own body. However, the shapes and curves don’t slack on the body should hang down.

To the feminine curves, how voluptuous they may be to bring in an attractive form, there are the various courses and exercises. There is a unique program in the German-speaking now of Manuel H. belly legs “Stomach legs Bum” or “90-60-90” in which it goes right to the “problem areas”. Through this they will aufslosen near air 😉 Here, we learned certain exercises which build up the muscles and thus tighten the about the skin. To achieve a long-lasting effect, these exercises must be performed regularly.

Doing this be extended week in appetizers. Of course, the effect is not produced overnight. Regular training is the way to success. So this is much easier you are actively supported by our internal Community. No matter what the situation is today, by your consistency and motivation you will have reached this after completion of this 6-month training. In combination with a balanced diet, women in this way can turn even the body mass in the direction of ideal – and this applies to inspections as well as for the construction. For regular sports and mental strength is the perfect addition to any nutrition. With fun on the exercise and a balanced healthy Food is increasingly a positive feeling. The broadcast will be positively influenced. Although it may sound trite, true beauty comes from within, even if the body mass of 90-60-90 are far away.

Timer Advantages

The benefits and increased comfort of the versatile helpers which person would also be not enthusiastic, the morning coffee is already prepared, when you stand up, although there is no one actually, which has equipped the coffee machine? If in the evening the electronics go to the light at a certain time in the apartment, to deter burglars, even though no one is at home? Or would be one not happy in the cold season when the heating comes on automatically? Now timers provide this increased comfort in many households. The forerunner of the electric timer was the mechanical clock, which raises the hitting of a church bell or the ringing of an alarm clock at a certain time and in a direct way with the movement of a mechanical watch is connected. Here, a switch is activated by the movement, after the position of the switch by hand has been preset, such as in a conventional alarm clock. Nowadays, there are digital timers, which are frequently closed between socket and consumer. In this way, you can each connect every electronic device and program the timer so that it releases the power supply to the consumer, so the unit goes into operation.

In this case, the actual contactor is a relay. A built-in digital clock at the programmed time sends voltage to the relay. The counter allows for the switching on and off according to the defined time interval. Often, the used watches are quartz watches, whose Geber is a uniform oscillating quartz plates. There are also radio time switches, the the current time from a central station of time signal received by radio and thus alone adjust. Timers are used when the street lights are dimmed in the late night. Also the classic traffic light systems are equipped with these timers and adapted to the respective traffic conditions. The light on the stairs with the aid of these timers is controlled also in apartment buildings. Time switches through the automation of various processes contribute to the increased comfort of the people.

Mini Image

INNOVATIVE technique results in extensive comparison tests by on behalf of ComputerBild were 32 NET / notebooks in the last few weeks in the testing laboratory of INNOVATION technology and subjected to 11 PC’s extensive and consistently objective tests in terms of image quality. In addition to virtually fully automated objective measurement of picture quality using the checkpoints image geometry (size, distortion, linearity, pitch), resolution / sharpness, contrast / brightness (maximum luminance, contrast, gradation), color (color variation, white, gray balance) and image errors (brightness distribution, angle deviation, inertia, convergence, reflection), functionality, setting options/ease of use, features/interfaces/accessories as well as dimensions and weight are recorded. The electrical power measurement and identification of ground temperature warming is also carried out. After the comparison test conducted in March at 10 entry-level laptops checked INNOVATION technology 8 portable computer in the price range of 450 to 550 euros for the output 20/2008 8 Netbooks from 299 to 500 euros for the issue 23/2008 8 desktops from 549 euro for the output 25/2008 10 laptops between 650 and 760 for the Edition 26/2008. A comparison test of 8 Mini-PC’s will be published in ComputerBild issue 1/2009, commercially available as of 22 December 2008. To all comparison tests, there is the complete test results and also a description of the test procedures and information on the standards underlying the tests. In addition to the comparison tests individual tests take place constantly, so that spending 20/2008 to 1 / 2009 other 10 devices tested by INNOVATION technology are found in: 4 notebooks, 3 Netbooks, 2 PC’s and 1 Mini-PC. A majority of more than 3,500 tested equipment stating the respective marks can be found on our website..

Integrated Signal Processing

Miniaturized JEN COLOR color sensor module for backlighting applications Jena the MAZeT GmbH, product and Designhaus for colour – and Spektralsensorik, expanded its extensive range of highly accurate solutions for the control of LEDs, as well as special developments for the light control. The leading provider of true color sensors, and sensor modules for the first time shows the newly developed true color sensor TIAM3 with integrated signal processing. He distinguishes itself by 4 programmable amplifier channels and the true color sensor. Compared to the ancestor type TIAM2 is the TIAM3 in a flat 33% housing. The low overall height and the integrated signal processing establish optimal conditions for use for the RGB-LED backlighting in flat panel displays. In contrast to color sensors with polymer filter coatings, the TIAM3 is characterized by a high long term stability of the spectral filter properties and low temperature sensitivity. The spectral properties of the filter curves are optimally tailored to the requirements of an eye-specific LED color control. The sum of the properties of the smallest size, spectral characteristics and signal processing recommend this component for precision-controlled backlights of flat screens. In particular displays for photo and image editing, for medical diagnostic imaging or for high-quality multimedia displays require these properties of the backlight.

Carl Zeiss

Stereo microscopes for demanding tasks in MAZeT are since more than 10 years of embedded computing solutions developed for medical applications and manufactured, so also the electronics for the new generation of high-performance stereomicroscopes SteREO Lumar. V12 and SteREO discovery. V12 of the Carl Zeiss AG, whose entire electronics development comes from the design of MAZeT. Task for electronics and software are here to give the stereo microscopes with brilliant optical characteristics for demanding routine and research tasks through innovative electronic control comfort and best performance. The modular, extensible system concept this microscope device electronics includes the operating and Control unit as well as CAN based device bus a variety of sensor – and Aktorbaugruppen.

It provided engines to the focus and the variation of the figure scale, sensors for the detection of filter colors and other features. The system control panel (SyCOP) is an innovative, user-friendly control, based on a 32-bit XScale-processor and Windows CE. The example of Carl Zeiss AG shows how to translate the demands of customers for special features, usability and system extensibility in innovative electronics and software solutions. The development of custom electronic assemblies is increasingly outsourced not only in the medical device manufacturing to external service providers when small quantities, special requests and price pressures in combination meet long product life and device lifetime. The MAZeT GmbH is in this area as a member of the EMS initiative of competent partner for customers who appreciate quality and close cooperation press contact:The 1992 company headquartered in Jena develops, manufactures and delivers software, custom electronic assemblies and ASICs and distributes world’s own JEN COLOR-branded products. Through the wide range of technology and application know-how, the MAZeT GmbH in the field of industrial electronics and opt sensors is a reliable and proven service partner for tailored, customer-specific solutions. Their development expertise and components for special applications are used among other things in the entire range of industrial meteorology control automation, and medical technology.


The focusing speed is the most critical factor in the screening, because often the effects to be examined are time-dependent. Also the irradiation of fluorescent tracer is toxic to cells, and in an automated handling process, the requirement is for high throughput of samples. Depth effects can be observed fine adjustment of the focus for the three-dimensional imaging in this way. The adjustment of the focus on different levels of virtually cut the sample. The piezo drive allows you as a keen eye on operations within the sample. Responsiveness and settling times are again in the range of few milliseconds. A measurement is possible due to the high speed stability during movement.

The confocal microscopy is used to generate a three-dimensional image of a sample. Here, images of the sample in different focal planes are created and assembled by software. The entitlement to the resolution of the Z drive to adjust the focal plane are very high here, positioning accuracies in the range of a few 10 nanometers are required. Classic stepper motor drives are neither fast nor accurate enough here. PIFOC Piezo Z-drives: The imaging optics or the trial must be moved for lens, lens turret or sample holder for focus tasks and the adjustment of the focal plane. PIFOC Z-drives for the lens can be built very small and stiff. You therefore have faster response times, better governance and are accurate at large travel paths.

Another advantage is that the sample does not move during focusing and thus despite the quick response of the Piezos, remains undisturbed. The movement of the sample is however, not weakening the image in phase contrast microscopy (differential interference contrast microscopy, DIC). Also, Piezo-Z-drives for the sample due to their small size can be integrated in the motorized XY sample scanner, the as a system component of the microscope there is already common. The adaptation effort can thus minimized, lenses can be used flexibly. Customized PIFOC lens drives but move as the entire revolver or move a DIC Prism with highly specialised applications require appropriate solutions. Many microscope manufacturers already offer a wide range of equipment and accessories for the various microscopy techniques system integration. Sample scanner in the XY include level and Z rough shoots for the imaging optics that achieve accuracies in the range of microns with the usual stepper drives. Piezobasierte Z-drives for fast focusing are, however, rare to find standard accessories on the microscope manufacturers; These must usually be retrofitted. The task of the manufacturer of piezo drive systems is also to adapt lens Positioners for lens sizes. Piezo Z-drives for samples of physics instruments (PI) with travel strokes from 0.1 to 0.5 mm Watch XY-scanner without adapter in March-houses. Sample holder can be used Z adjuster for slides and micro titer plates of March homes directly in the piezo. The still low overall height of the built-in XY-Z system allows the use under common microscopes. Also the control of the Piezoantriebs must be easily integrated. This is a fast control via analogue signals. Alternative commanding via digital interfaces is implemented via software drivers. Piezo-Z-drives represent a possibility of easy-to-integrate, to adjust lens and sample relatively to each other. While a resolution can be achieved by a few nanometers for travel paths of up to 0.5 mm. The response times are just a few milliseconds.

Final Decision

ROWA automatisierungssysteme GmbH has the Karlsruhe administrative court on the legality of the use of the Advisory on September 26, 2008 and output terminals visavia decided by a pharmacy in Mannheim. The Court did not allow currently still the visavia, because some few, rather formal legal aspects visavia are not yet sufficiently by the consulting and distribution terminals. The Karlsruhe Administrative Court’s decision is not yet final and is Baden-Wurttemberg are checked in the next instance from the administrative court their correctness. Also, the Verwaltungsgericht Karlsruhe saw the need to such a review because the appeal was expressly permitted. Although many good reasons that the concern shown by the Administrative Court in Karlsruhe upheld, ROWA on behalf of pharmacies and the will to serving patients and customers as far as possible of the consulting and distribution terminals visavia adjustments. This should cause that also in accordance with the preliminary view of the Verwaltungsgericht Karlsruhe operate of the visavia is further possible.