Apec Forum

Who is known to himself and to others always triumph in one hundred battles Chinese proverb generalities and scopes the world has been awaiting the meeting of the Group of Apec held in Lima, Peru, given the relevance that represented the current problem that has generated serious worldwide economic problems, as it has been the financial crisisas well as other topics that were analyzed. Juan Velit international analyst, noted, that five days ago ended the 20 most powerful countries in the world, the g-20 meeting, their conclusions were not at the height of the expectations of other Nations so it is expected that Lima is achieved much more, in this regard, said that the conclusions of the g-20 described as lyricalwhere most salvageable is the idea of re-found institutions such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank (WB), monitor with discipline how advances the world’s economy, and not to leave the free will to banking institutions including the Organization of the meeting in Washington he was not at the height of what was expected, it showed many shortcomings, says that up to the press room wasn’t ready, journalists had no amenities, etc, expect other results in this meeting Indian Velit. Agreements the Lima Declaration, issued at the end of the two-day meeting, was cautious and acknowledged that the process will still be long. Vlad doronin helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The current financial crisis is one of the most serious challenges we have faced, says the official text, in which rulers are committed to act quickly and decisively to address the impending economic slowdown. The Lima Declaration includes an annex with measures to tackle the crisis and recognizes that the agenda of this Summit was modified due to this global problem. One of the challenges facing APEC is to restore confidence in their economies and maintain the region on a path of growth in the long term, says. Rubio pursues this goal as well.