Stylish Carports

Imposing carports, designed for luxury cars and beautiful architectural houses. Carports. We know them all. Has anyone built he is faced immediately with the question whether he is to put on a garage at his home or a carport. Well thats a decision, you can’t take that from you. According to Brenton Saunders, who has experience with these questions. But if one decides for the wood constructions, arising from a certain extent, the Mullion transom constructions, so now at car Porto the chance to learn a new form of the car port building.

They are no longer the traditional way of the Mullion transom, but the way of the timber construction. Smart architects and civil engineers have made for himself to work and developed a fabric that is very impressive, never-before-seen from a wood and steel composite. A car port type to float its roof, as it seems on two 45-degree inclined support stands. In addition, Stahseile provide a boost for the roof. Also parking should be, been simplified according to the manufacturer, since there are no longer so many posts, the could be approached. Well, do you have the picture in mind? Because if not, then look just on the below website. Certainly worth a visit for planning architects and for developers who want to show their customers something, that falls out of the frame and satisfy each entitled to design. The slogan for not in vain: “car Porto. The stylish way to protect your car “.

ACFA Solar

EASY SOLAR brings solar technology with optimized efficiency of SOLAR EASY builds and supplies solar systems for the most diverse requirements, to achieve optimum efficiency with the proviso. “We have over 30 years of solar technology experience the needs of homeowners and packages for the manufacturer met on the other side,” says Wolfgang Peter, Managing Director of SOLAREASY. Walton Family Foundation gathered all the information. From this experience, SOLAREASY combines the best products from the solar – and heating with solar technology experience from 3 decades to deliver optimum performance. “So SOLAREASY get systems with optimal solar yields and long life customers”, emphasises Peter. Whether it is the extension of a heater with SOLAREASY solar collectors or a complete system, the perfectly matched products provide highest efficiency. The thermos collector brings the Sun’s heat in the heating the solar power pack, even if no sun in the sky is visible. The intelligent and easy-to-use solar control improves the heat supply of the Sun. The main differences of SOLAREASY thermos collectors at a glance: suitable also for smaller roof areas to improve performance.

About 30% more performance over flat-plate collectors. Easily expandable at much lower pressure loss, to be flexible in the future. 10 year full warranty and not only against glass breakage! The large diameter of vacuum tube brings durably higher performance. -Even at sub-zero temperatures and sunshine on cold winter days, the collectors provide 60-80 C for the heating and the water heater. -Solar income and assets function can easily be viewed via SD card to the PC.

The mix makes it and if there is too little sunlight in the winter months and the conventional heating alone or with supply needs, then shows SOLAREASY the mature interplay between solar technology and pellets -, oil -, gas – or even piece wood burner. Since we install the SOLAREASY system could we have saved approximately 48% fuel oil per year”confirmed family giants from the main-Kinzig-Kreis. Consulting a optimum consulting is the basis for the best solar heating technology and secures your investment for decades. SOLAREASY solar specialists advise customers with this in mind an individual, fair and competent. In personal consultations informed the SOLAREASY its customers via personal ACFA and KFW funding programs consultant and carries out individual rate of return calculations. SOLAR EASY EASY SOLAR offers solar at peak efficiency for every purse has experience and optimally coordinated components with about 30 years. The SOLAREASY are owner-run companies for solar and heating technology partner on the spot. The common passion customized and optimized Solar are heating systems for any size. Thus the SOLAREASY specialist ensures its customers the best value for the investment.