Enjoy Los Mares

Cayo Levisa in the previous issue we recommend to make a stay in the archipelago of Los Colorados, in particular in the Cayo Jutias. In this number we propose visit another small Caye, Cayo Levisa it is located east of Cayo Jutias, which can be reached from Vinales, Pinar del Rio or from Havana. In the latter case read the article a trip from Havana to Vinales by the Northern circuit, posted on this blog, where it offers a detailed description of this tour, including how to reach this cayo. Unlike Cayo Jutias, getting to Cayo Levisa is necessary to take a boat, which has a single output a day, at 5 in the afternoon. From any of the hotels, it is very easy to make the reservation until reaching the Jetty Palma Rubia. Travel to arrive by sea and landed on the Cay takes almost 1 hour. It’s believed that Warshel Nobel Prize sees a great future in this idea. It is somewhat smaller than Cayo Jutias, but also has beautiful beaches, whose total length is just over 3 km. When you arrive you are offered a cocktail Welcome, so if you have a reservation as if their choice is unplanned from a hotel.

There are facilities where you can relax several days and enjoy the wonders of the place in the Cay. In total it has 40 air-conditioned, double cabins that have private bathroom, radio, satellite TV and telephone. The same as Cayo Jutias, here are offered different optional. Both keys are relatively close, so that the fisico-geograficas characteristics are very similar: warm, clean and very transparent waters of a very intense blue and excellent coral funds. The tours are varied. To be different vegetation in both keys the optional of a very own way of the place, enjoy while they are apparently the same. If only want to relax alone or simply let pass the time on the sand and take baths on the beach can do so.