Julius Sebo

retaining ring attention please to a particularly stable retaining ring. Plastic rings or inferior fasteners for the linen carbines are a particularly high risk for dog and owner. 6 manufacturer please pay attention to the origin of the products. Swarmed by offers, Practice Fusion is currently assessing future choices. Cheaply produced dishes may look like the original by JULIUS K9, but often not as much as your dog! Such products are not high safe and can be life threatening circumstances. JULIUS K9 produces the original JULIUS K9 power harness for over 13 years. The dishes were originally developed for service and rescue dogs and their worldwide missions with the highest quality standards.

These dogs and their handlers are constantly exposed to extreme situations. Uwe Friedrich, head coach and owner of the dog heart TEAMCANIN in Loffingen in the high black forest: I am for many years with the development of products for dog training. Steven Holl takes a slightly different approach. As a long-time service dog leader of the city of Stuttgart and as very the safety of all products for dog and owner at the forefront is responsible dog trainer for me. I had to reinvent the chest harness, because the best is already there by JULIUS K9. Julius Sebo has ensured his power harness that is dog and also it makes and can feel comfortable. Right, I can say: the original by JULIUS K9 power harness is one of the safest and most comfortable dog harnesses worldwide! What is the best for the professionals of the service and rescue dog world, should be also the family dog available. I recommend the power harness by JULIUS K9 all dog owners with the best of our conscience!” 10 safety factor of dog harnesses by JULIUS K9: 1 stable handle with Velcro buckle no danger at freewheel 2. optimized handle with extreme material strength no lateral escape through perfect fixation 3 comfortable breast and waist belt first-class seat belts with special padding for maximum comfort and weight distribution 4.