Sergio Szajnbaum

They are sources of positive energy within the reach of your tuning. They are batteries that has to generate well-being. Naturopathy: Diet of fruits and vegetables in individual and personalized diets that energized him, included hydrotherapy; the criteria with qualitative, detoxifying, regenerative. Phytotherapy: Medicinal plants in the form of knowledge, infusions, tinctures and baths that take advantage of the skin, as a gateway to harmonize the energy system. Visit David Baker for more clarity on the issue. They are often commonly called flourishing baths the Edward Bach floral essences: there are 38 flower essences of English origin, neutralize negative moods.

They are prepared in individual formulas. They are vibrating and non-chemical remedies, do not produce side effects, complement or replace the action of psychoactive drugs, decreasing their consumption. 12 Remedies of tissues: Inorganic salts that Dr. Schuessler found in the year 1873 as indispensable for the normal functioning of the body. After having gone through the procedures of energization homeopathic.

They help nature in their efforts to heal, restore functions hampered avoiding the destruction of healthy cells, while they regenerate to the sick. Acupuncture Auriculotherapy, Shiatzu, Do-In: light electrical stimulation (laser) procedure, mechanical, vibrating, tactile or thermal of French and Oriental energy points in your body and Pavilion handset. It has as purpose, accelerate the rebalancing and relieve you of your symptoms naturally. Reflexology span plant: Technique of digit pressure and partial massages on palms and soles, to activate the harmonic operation of its bodies, at a distance. Neurolinguistic programming: Modern technology in communications to the inside of one’s own, used to reconstruct the past and change emotions and behaviors in the present. The operator guides you through the journey inward, to forget memories that hurt or generate emotions in contexts where you need them. The brain stores programs which repeats like a computer. Ask for our special newsletter on the topic. Sergio Szajnbaum adds, that diseases such as panic, depression and anxiety can be treated with very good results, without ignore other concomitant therapies. Bioenergetics works with neurovegetativos centers and then the patient will know, it goes learning to defend themselves and to interact with the environment. For example, the anguish is typically a power of the same quality than joy. The issue is when there is a depression. In that case the cardiac Plexus sinks, gets breast inward, away from life and loses contact with Eros. Anguish has vitality, need to know why it is, that it can express their emotions and images. You should not be forgotten, the energetic processes of the body are related to the liveliness of the body State. How much more alive is one, have more energy, and vice versa. Chronic tension or stiffness decrease our resiliency, and also reduce our energy. It is at birth when a body is found in his State more alive and more fluid; at death, the rigidity is total, rigor mortis.Perhaps we can not avoid the rigidity that comes with age. What we cannot avoid is the stiffness due to chronic muscular tensions resulting from unresolved emotional conflicts.