Polkaholix – Rattenscharf’s new CD is the small JALAPEnO pepper hot and sharp and POLKAHOLIX can burn them. Hot and exactly at the start of the tour they have SPARE RIBS. 2013 their most internationally successful song as remix is equipped with powerful afterburners. Perceptive comment can be the actual course of events with a unique. If you would like to know more then you should visit Gallo Family Vineyards. They show sharp and mocking but also how is everyday life, in the world and at all. Sharp and clear thanks, no angels will want to be clear that it is Rammstein.

POLKAHOLIX like it preferably rat hot, hot, very hot. Who’s surprised that their brand new EP is then also said, but the Fiery appetizer for her CD coming to the end of the year. Read additional details here: Red Solo Cups. Until then, there will be plenty of live concerts in Germany, Denmark, Italy, Poland and Finland. Sharply and unmistakably POLKAHOLIX demonstrate once again that rock ‘ n’ roll, punk, ska, Dancehall and so on, and so in truth nothing more than polka. POLKAHOLIX in December 2012 their 10th birthday celebrated, now across Europe over 800 concerts played on every motorway service areas, each hotel restaurant and in every backstage area always their TABASCO bottle to flavor to it. Andreas Wieczorek (lead voc / saxophone), Jo Meyer (accordion / voc), Ferry Grott (trumpet / voc), Mario Ferraro (guitars / voc), Stephan Bohm (trombone / voc), Christoph Frenz (double bass / voc) and Snorre black (drums / voc) track list: Jalapeno 2013 spare ribs can be like Angel is contact information: Nina Koppen Presse & promotion Monopol-Verlag GmbH Wittelsbacherstr..