Personalized Children

“My child saves the cloud land” is the cloud land a nice gift idea for girls from 7 years to the day of the birth or baptism that new personalized children’s book saves my child”focuses on the individual preferences of girls. You can choose between singing or dancing as personalized characteristics in the history. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from AbbVie Inc. The girl travels with a white flying horse that has golden eyes and can speak in wide spaces of imagination. The destination is the cloud country, where a special and exciting task awaits: the girls must save the land of the cloud. This carefully and sensitively written story for girls from 7 years has designed WolkenWerke.

It is ideally suited to this story as a special birthday gift or baptism. Personalization extends them in addition to the name and characteristics on the choice of hair color, which the girl recognises also in the many beautiful and colorful images of history. Connected with the personal dedication of the giver on the first page. the book is given a permanent value. In addition to the existing personalized children’s books from the fields of adventure, fairy tales, fantasy and spiritual message communicated to WolkenWerke children with the new story: “You’re something special”. All information about the personalized children’s books from WolkenWerke on: