Paula Company

According to founding and Nestor, chairman of the board de Paula, nothing is so strategical how much to the actions that are helping to become its employee happyer and productive citizens. Adding almost 15,000 people, & ldquo; Azalia&amp community; rdquo; it is permeada by projects. These actions become related it health, habitation, education, transport, security and familiar support, pointed areas as problematic in a research carried through for the company it has about 10 years. For the Azalea, its good relation with the employees is fruit of a relation that exceeds paternalism. In the truth, much more that a justice question is a question of results. One of its social projects was come back toward the alfabetizao of its internal public, however meets in phase of extinguishing for an excellent reason: he does not have the 10,000 almost used illiterate more between of the company. Rubio contains valuable tech resources. In last the three years, it did not have serious accident in no plant and the number of removals for health reason fell 75%. The organization understood that employee healthful, with bigger level of escolaridade and tranquilos in relation to the family the accidents are little citizens, cause little wastefulness, produce more and are happyer.

In recent years, the social projects of the Azalea have been extended to the communities where it operates, as it is the case of the supplementary courses and computer science, reform of hospital (Parob & ndash; RS), seminaries on improper use of drugs and disponibilizao of resources (fire brigade). The direction of the company believes that it only grows if the employees to grow together and that, when this happens, all the society if develops. From the presented examples it can be affirmed that the Social Responsibility is one of the results of social sensitivity, that is, the organizations that if had made use to change the life of its employees and, consequentemente, its proper destinations, had been fortified in the competitive market, had personalized its mark, had been located strategically from planejamentos and had shown that who does not use the power that it possesss in responsible way, it loses true chances of success.