Microsoft Outlook

Simplified for E-Discovery and legal requirements provide information… – E-Mail Archiving package supports Lotus Notes and GroupWise archives – more easily enforce corporate policy and procedure violations track Frankfurt, may 10, 2010 – now available is the new email archiving and retrieval solution by ZyLAB. The solution provider for E-Discovery and information management enables organizations to so now in addition to Microsoft Outlook and the direct integration with Lotus Notes and Novell GroupWise. The harmony E-Mail Archiving package allows you to manage large amounts of emails. Thus they are equipped in the case of disputes or E-Discovery well for providing rapid and targeted information.

At the same time, the package supports enterprise-wide information management. Users can save their electronic messages in the Open XML standard non-proprietary, flexible and open solution to archiving and retrieval email. a is open to suggestions. The emails themselves are ever after Filed format as text, HTML, MSG, or RTF files. Meta-information such as sender, subject and date are archived as a XML key fields. Also stores the solution any attachments and linking them via a link with the corresponding email message. Not searchable PDF files, bitmaps, compound files and nested emails are processed automatically with the help of the information management platform and the analysis package by ZyLAB.

Make sure that all information in the full text is searchable. In addition to archiving ZyLAB performs, where appropriate, a text analysis for unstructured emails. These are structured through added tags automatically. The new email archiving package offers organizations a scalable approach for managing your E-mail. As a result, they are not forced, monolithic, expensive simply save all “solutions to buy. Rather they can decide anforderungsbasiert which emails keep you and who want to delete it, instead of this availability the mail box or to make depending on the capacity of the server. In addition ZyLAB now supports the archiving, processing and disclosure by E-mail in three different ways.