Exchange Fund

Coverage investment funds, are those investment funds that invest in foreign currency such as dollars or euros. These hedge funds, are structured like other types of investment funds, as a capital company, where the investor as the main participant is the Manager of the Fund, so it becomes who directly makes the decisions about the Fund. Its main objective is profitability, and the big advantage is that your risk is always equal or less to the market in general, since they are used as its name say it, coverage techniques. The way in which these funds operate is through the purchase of dollars according to the rate of Exchange determined by the Bank of Mexico. Official site: @GoKareo. Investment in these funds, it is recommended for those people who wish to protect their capital, against the Mexican currency depreciation, and so, as the performance of these funds, will depend on the peso-dollar relationship; so, against a devaluation, the respective investor obtains profits. With everything This, I invite you to that secure your profits with this type of investment fund, for thus become a renowned investor. A. Verastegui original author and source of the article.