EtherCAT Topology Management

The Kithara master monitor 2009, part of the product series ‘RealTime suite’ the master monitor a graphical Windows application of the company Kithara software allows the visualization and management of EtherCAT topologies. The software hand in hand EtherCAT master realized also by Kithara works with the part of the product range RealTime suite is. With the help of the master monitor the user has an intuitive environment, down to the individual data variable to make visible connected EtherCAT topologies. It is possible to save the captured structure of the connected slave devices in a special XML file to check them automatically on compliance with a later realized structure. As well, the file but also from individual modules may be combined manually. The configuration of individual EtherCAT slaves, monitor can be viewed directly with the master and changed. As slaves can be in a live test drive fully addressed and their variable values describe and read. The setup time is reduced tremendously and developers must not long find the parameters for them. The master monitor is a tool that is intuitive, interactive and integrated already in the Kithara EtherCAT master. The user programmed his large-scale real-time automation applications with greater clarity and transparency and faster reach series maturity.