Our life is governed by habits, the time that we got up, food, shopping, studies, work, etc. Perhaps the time has come to stop us to reflect and ask ourselves really are satisfied with the life that we currently have? Some people will easily reach the conclusion that are not enjoying life to the fullest. This can cause us some problems and we are affecting our lives and the environment in which we act, the big secret for a deep happiness is also dedicating ourselves to something that fills us with our whole being. The success stories are always accompanied by good feelings, i.e. it implies that there is a great positive emotional state so it becomes, at the beginning it is possible that the results are not occurring, but as you have much persistence then you’ll accumulate the energy levels that will lead it to success. There are ways to trick the subconscious mind in spite of adversity, Steve Alpizar clearly explains these ideas and you can apply them to your life, you have to learn to automotivarse and thus forward strides in what you want to. You should not confuse the adaptation with true happiness, when you’re doing something that he loves then her life is illuminated, it is making wonderful contributions, instead generally only in the adaptation we do what is necessary because there is no inner passion that motivates us to give more of the everyday. Love is the greatest force that may exist and if we discovered our mission then we are in full connection with the creative source, that is the secret of happiness, that way we improve our lives and the society also. In the book changing our system of beliefs to achieve the success of Steve Alpizar you find fundamental requirements to organize their wishes with the current creator of the universe, the power of God, or spiritual power will then enjoy peace, joy, health and prosperity because it will be integrated to the divine, to the essence of life, by reading this book you You will find the great principles of love and adopt them to their existence. Among more people discover your mission and what are the activities that excite them then will live in a much better globalized world, but his first task is to change yourself, knock down any negative belief that seeks to keep it in the same activities as always that not give satisfaction, with tenacity you’ll overcome all these adversities, remember that there is no external enemiesyour world is in its interior.