BAP: De Kolsche Of Guys In Berlin –

“Success: Cologne rock band BAB in Berlin-Tempelhof in the Columbia Hall of the Cologne cult band BAP” decades writes German rock history; to be exact for 32 years. Berlin joined the band with the hustle lyrics and her latest program radio Pandora”the well-attended legendary Columbia Hall, in the immediate vicinity of the recently closed Tempelhof, at. Pandora radio”there in the plugged – in and unplugged version. On time and without vanity rockers begin her stage show. The honest and authentic rock is well received among the viewers in the filled Columbia Hall. Credit: Steven Holl-2011. A single Cologne flag is waved.

Some visitors to sing along with the lyrics, others seem only”to enjoy the music and clapping to the rhythm of the melody. In some songs, you have almost the impression that the floor shakes. Even if not all understand Kolsch (colognian) it’s not so bad, because the music is just plain with lovely! The band takes the audience on a three-hour nonstop journey, and plays songs from places where they already always there wanted. The songs are by the lighthouse keeper, from the truckers from Osnabruck, Germany, America, Alexandra and Magdalena.Die music is sometimes melancholic slow, the other second then but again Turbo fast or simply just rocking. As a guest, the band welcomed back the violinist Anne de Wolff (also plays in Rosenstolz). The musician BAP around the poet, singer and socially committed artist Wolfgang Niedecken, who was the only band member in establishing it, belong to the most successful rock artists of in Germany.

Each BAP album on the first chart places made it until today. The front man of Wolfgang Niedecken and his evap long ago…”is likely many people who today are the fifty, still ringing in the ears. The cult song, of course also in the self-payment Platt, is of dialogues at the grave of his father. The content probably space often not so aware many fans from the not Cologne. The name BAP”arose spontaneously, Niedecken, says because he often told by his father in his songs. BAPP”or cardboard” means in the Cologne as much as father or Papa. The musical and textual style of BAP songs dominated much of the kinks, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and the Rolling Stones. The concert was an impressive fireworks display of solid handmade rock music. The visitors were completely thrilled! The joy of playing in the band is always contagious! Thomas Moser 1.12.2008 Baird-press ( for


Remuneration for abilities and abilities Pupil: Monique Fernandes Prof: I undo Daniel Vargas Rodrigues Course: Business administration (Foreign commerce) Summary With the management for abilities it comes to present strategies and processes so that the recognition for having contribution is made given by its employees to reach a new platform in the so competitive market in the current days. Through the facts where the so competitive market, we must wait not that its employees only execute what he was granted to it, but that he assumes new and great attributions. Meanwhile the true challenge is to find new forms of remuneration that aim at the gotten transformations and that those people recognize go beyond the limits that compete to it. Introduction We live constantly in change, in view of changes with aspects being of economic, social forms and also of form organizacionais, if everything can have changes why the organizations also cannot change its vises. To broaden your perception, visit Jim Simons. Having a system of aggregate remuneration which will be able to offer the value to the employees, in view of a remuneration that considers the abilities, the abilities and the performances of its collaborators. Theoretical recital For much time the companies had forms to manage, where the remunerations fixed and were managed of conventional pragmatic form. Finally he was difficult to grant wage alterations or same to the growth in the professional career if it took in accounts them abilities or the form not to reach the objectives, or goals established for the company, if it considered the same wallet time or for the function that established inside of a company, since this form was had by much time in the companies. In the new times where the competitiveness, the team spirit, and mainly the creativity so that the companies are of basic importance so that they survive in market competitive and diversified. Recently eClinicalWorks sought to clarify these questions.

Tobias Reitz – Forever You Love

\”\” \”Eager pop friends love the new single by Tobias Reitz – forever you and enjoyable recipient of relevant genre radio stations in German-speaking countries know more than just frequently played titles with some guarantee, as you start me up and lets fly me\” (Helene Fischer), fly to the Rainbow \”(Fernando express\”), you’re still stars in the eyes \”(Andre ‘ Stade) or the summer was called Antonia\” (Ulli Bastian) always friendly, loving, predominantly romantic hits, which together have one despite of all phonetic differences: they were all collaboration by the almost 30 years Dusseldorf Germanist and journalist TOBIAS REITZ. The likeable young man is a consistent supporter of the German Schlager in all its multifarious facets since childhood. Although he was ridiculed at school so often, he went his own way straight. He worked after graduation, successfully for the online promotion of ARIOLA, the Pop label, owned by SONY, has made recently as a free independent lyricists and now writes a popular radio hit after another for other artists! Tobias first himself as vocalist of the wider public is presented in the early summer of this year. Dieter Brink (working for Bernd Cluver, Bata Illic, Ute Bresan and Peter Rafael) had devised a beautiful, airy sunny swing hit; \”Tobias wrote the text of course out came a wonderful, unforgettable summer hit called au revoir\” was praised by critics in the highest tones and speak often on the radio came to use. In addition, au reached revoir\”very good results in relevant online charts, for example at Smago.NET rank 5 and even the top position! \”After Tobias in the for example the current album by last weeks ‘ Stade (Finally I\”) completely with great poetry playing the new CD by Patrick Lindner, fishing, friends the Sun \”, mostly betextete, on the \”last production of child star Franziska\” with some of the works was represented for the coming productions of Claudia Jung MdL Mireille Mathieu contributed two songs in lyrical terms, and Helene Fischer soon published CD so as I am\”has written three posts, shall enter into force once by the probably most attractive Schlagertexterin BR Germany\” ( Holger Sturenburg), Heike Fransecky, discovered and supported young talent of these days with a further own radio single to the front.

The Socks United Launches Online Shop On The European Market

TheSocks United launched their first E-commerce website with the claim by innovative ideas and innovative Web tools the customers of the established online stores to surprise. TheSocks United launched their first E-commerce website with the claim by innovative ideas and innovative Web tools the customers of the established online stores to surprise. After months of long work, extensive market analysis, the establishment of the logistics and the creation of a brand name led to opening a specialized online shop, which is under the Internet address. The website of the E-commerce company would like to establish themselves with their innovative ideas in the niche of the online trade of socks. While initially only a small selection of high-quality business socks should be offered. The founders want to expand the product portfolio but before the end of 2012.

The general trend of increasing Internet retail provides an opportunity in the market for many new players to enter. A recent survey shows that 53% of respondents shop online at least once per month. At the same time 40% socks said to want to buy online, it was unaware that it is possible for them. Although socks are not the most exciting product, it seems, that the market changes, and entrepreneurs have excellent opportunities to expand their business. At the simplicity and ease of shopping revolves around. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Red Solo Cups. The built-in properties of the selection tools offer clients an unprecedented control over your product selection without having to laboriously click through the website. Everything that is needed to make a purchase, is to find a single user interface in the Web page.

The purchase means a delivery on the doorstep – it no further efforts are needed. The selection is also a subscription model, in which you can order delivery at predetermined time intervals. The customers have to choose according to their own needs between deliveries every 2, 4, or 6 months. Once the subscription is ordered, the deliveries are made automatically. In this way everyone in just a few minutes can Socks for year-round solve out the initiatives in large affiliate managed to convince some customers coupon portals, PPC Kampagnien, networks, social media activities, etc.. P. Brenner says: got just the order of TheSocks. Really good stuff! The quality, the design and the cut are convincing. Thank you! United In 2012 by experienced entrepreneurs TheSocks is based on TheSocks United from a modern start-up that makes no compromises with the customer needs. Benefit on. For more information: Email: thesocksunited@gmail dot com blog:

Different Wedding

Weddings as all things have had many changes with the passage of time, now can see things different between one and another, when previously the majority of celebrations were very similar, as they tried to follow the same Protocol and each event during the same things, were made at the same time, i.e.the guests were already aware of that was going to happen with the toast, the first dance, bouquet, and many other typical activities of weddings today sometimes become an election in which the majority of brides decide that events take place and in that moment, leaving aside the absurd protocols and formalities. Today I will tell them about a trend that is this much repeating at weddings and the truth makes these events look great and decor highlight, wedding cakes we can now see in a variety of designs that exceed our imagination. The bakers have been updated so that today it has touched me sometimes see the faces of the bride and groom made with different techniques in the face of the cake, of course that this isn’t a very economical choice but in truth that if we have many alternatives to quietly can support us to impresionemos our guests offering them a cake that in addition to delicious knowledge, has a striking decoration.. .