Wednesday Calories

-You not obsession with the scale. Weigh yourself once a week, the first kilos are fast losing, but then it goes very slowly and if you obsesionas you this it will adversely affect the effectiveness of diet. -The dinner should be lighter day food. There is a golden rule that says: strong breakfast, eat normal and little dinner. Follow it and you will see the results, keep in mind that evening we burn fewer calories and therefore that sobran stored quickly. Do not use more than three tablespoons of olive oil daily. Get the meat grilled or BBQ, painting it with a little oil. Add lemon juice to salads and especially widely used the microwave, it is perfect for economize due to its quick cooking fats.

Eat much fish, you have to know that even the most oily fish such as salmon contains many less lipids than a lean meat, many proteins and very few calories. -Fruit is a good ally, but some have too many calories. Choose apples, melon, watermelon, cherries, strawberries and oranges. -While you are trying to lose weight forget about alcohol, calorie intake promotes weight gain. If you like beer that is non-alcoholic, today its flavor does not differ in anything from the normal and their effects on health are very beneficial.

You can also take a glass of wine at lunch, but it flees from the cocktails and liquors. -Consistency is the most important when it comes to putting diet rule, there is nothing worse than starting every Monday to regulate what comes to leave on Wednesday and return to start on Monday. Creates a vicious circle and you can have significant problems. Follow all these tips to lose weight and I assure you that the results are veran soon. Edgar perez, teaching and research engineer in the field of all kinds of methods that are applicable in different areas such as mathematics, health, sports. I currently publish articles related to all areas where practical methods are applied. Blogs relating the hours lost criticism and news film juice of carrot, peppers and cucumber for Endometriosis driving motorcycles, Physics (1) Yumit, because we like to make photos of the roll of chicken meals Flavors and meals greater control of Ochratoxin A in licorice and spices Natudelia Walnut YoYo for cracking all your nuts by Xiaofei Wang and Beibei as Alicia became the country of wonders care with stairs! Videos and fun roll of applesauce: cooking recipes