Defense Minister Guttenberg

Attack is the best defense like Defense Minister Guttenberg has thought, and the University of Bayreuth asked to withdraw his doctorate. For this decision he celebrate Valentine’s arrival of the Hessian CDU. “I occupied myself again on the weekend with my thesis, and it was right that I said that I will no longer lead the doctor title,” Guttenberg said. CDU and CSU leadership, Merkel and Seehofer, gave Guttenberg backing. This was to be expected, you want not to forgo the light form of Guttenberg.

It fits the Guttenberg continue to enjoy the confidence of the citizens. The Facebook fan page against the hunting of Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg “collected more than 185,000 members in a very short time. Almost unanimous opinion: Guttenberg does a good job, everyone cheated ever has. For even more analysis, hear from Christiano Ronaldo. It’s amazing how deep the feeling of decency in Germany has fallen. If he does a good job as Secretary of Defense he will have to prove still, the Bundeswehr reform is imminent.

So far stabbed he thus produced more mistakes to make. It seems certain now that the doctor title Quarry has. What a venial cheating in academic circles will be punished Secretary of Defense for the average citizens with contempt. The behavior to gain themselves a title, and the presumed not consequence, insult everyone has worked out its title itself. Now, the title purchase will be a mere peccadillo. Critics are begrudging petty bourgeois. Golden times are after all, crack for providers of theses for a fee.

Amnesty International

More than 200 people show their solidarity on the Cologne Cathedral plate with people in the Iran, calling for freedom. You are interested in and make a photo of her face. On the Domplatte Cologne, an icy wind blows on Saturday, held. There are 15 and all of them have it in a hurry. The solidarity Committee for the rights of students and Sufis in the Iran has built up a booth at the Archway along with Amnesty International. The action is called “A face” for freedom in Iran and will take place for the first time in Germany.

Previously, numerous events in Holland and Belgium had run since July 2009. Anne-Marie van den Bercken, a musician from the Netherlands, had given the brutal beating, torture, and violations of human rights first helpless and powerless feeling. With the help of a friend, she thought out but then the action, secured the support of Amnesty International and collecting faces since then. Passers-by will be asked of her face to support the action with a photo. Posters are made from hundreds of faces with the Message “A face for freedom in Iran”. These posters can be viewed from the Iran via the Internet on specific Web pages. The posters show solidarity.

Anne-Marie van den Bercken commented: “we want the people in the Iran show that we see as they struggle for their self-determination. We want to signal to the Government in the Iran: we see exactly what you’re doing, your noble intentions mask has fallen, give the people back their rights. Let them talk freely, let free believe it.” It is mainly young people who themselves show solidarity and be interested in. Want to be photographed almost alone, in pairs or in large groups they overcome the ice cold and stop a moment in memory of the Iranians who put their lives at risk when they go on the road. Whether from France, Argentina, Australia, the Netherlands and England, they listen carefully, are critical and deal, choose deliberately for the photo, which has a special quality. The WDR 3 has a journalist for his program of resonances cleverly, who reported the action. To listen via this link. Towards the end of the action, a FlashMob for the support of Majid Tavakoli walks the Domplatte. In the Iran, Tavakoli, a prominent student leader was arrested and obscured pictured in several newspapers to humiliate him and to humiliate. The spontaneous action brought the 40 men to move up with headscarf and women with painted on Beard on the Domplatte and taking pictures while they “I am Majid” chanted. Iran is very much present in Germany these days. Most people want to not interfere in the development of policy in the Iran and certainly not hold a military intervention necessary. But they want to clearly insist on the respect for human rights. Helmut N. fork