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Many Christians try to have the two, want the freedom that has in Jesus and the slavery of the world satisfying its desires, its dreams and living its life delighting itself in the pleasures and distractions of the world. God of to the man the option to choose the way that wants to follow. God does not go to impose its will on us, if to choose to conquer the glories of the world, in them to delight in the pleasure and diversions that the world offers, Mr. will not hinder in them. It will leave in them to choose what more we love and we desire. Jeremias 29:11 I is that I know that thoughts I have your respect, says you; thoughts of peace and not of badly, to give the end to you that you desire. The devil is always trying to keep the man far from the true knowledge of God.

The malignant conquest the friendship of the man because it appeals its nature flesh time. A Christian flesh time goes to want to choose the Christianity form that the devil offers, a Christianity that if incases in the life style that it wants, that is, as it loves its life in this world, does not want to abandon its practical flesh times and pecadoras, for Jesus. Our will is the source of all our actions under the control of the sin, the ego, the vanity, the pride, the magnificent one and altives. Our desires will make with that let us act to satisfy our proper pleasure and desires. God in the flame to relieve our will It, similar of that It can assume total the control of our lives, and in this manner to make only what it pleases the God.