Astrology Soul

Fear of death of the physical body and the desire for a comfortable life, and various material goods for the body pushes the souls of men to all, the most negative and scary to other people (animals and plants), to other Souls, deeds and actions. And these negative actions and deeds – Diseases of the Soul, her crime. After all, the souls of many people for the conservation and welfare of the physical body are ready for everything. But this is what you can not do. After all, for they (the Soul) and are in the physical body on earth (in prison, in chains, in prison, a prisoner) to learn not to fear, not to cause harm to other souls, to atone for his crime (the actions and deeds), for which they were exiled to Earth (in the physical body) to correct qualities. Those forces and Mira, who sends the soul of man on Earth (the physical body) did not seek to punish the human soul. Rubio contains valuable tech resources. They seek to teach her, that is correct. icine offers on the topic.. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Hunter Pond.

The souls of all beings on Earth are trained, receive lessons. If they are after long training in the world to improve, will pass the exam, then they return to their worlds (where they had once committed a crime), their release from captivity (prison) on Earth. Those forces and worlds that have sent Soul to correct for the Earth, seeking to educate the soul, to give them a series of (course) lessons on the Earth in order to correct the soul and return it to the world, from which it came. Initially, the soul is born into the kingdom of minerals on Earth. We also have stones Soul, is the lowest level of existence of the soul on earth, most of the dense physical bodies, which changes the soul during his training. Each mineral has its own karmic problem.

Granite must be granite, hard, basalt – bazaltnym, marble – a marble. After completing its task, the stones are destroyed (although there are very long), and the souls who live in them, moving into a more noble minerals. Ordinary stones pass into the semi, and then executing their problem – in the precious. That's gems – the highest level of the embodied soul in the mineral world. In the soul gems, exiled to Earth, are already noticeable. It feels good jewelers and gem enthusiasts. Subsequently, changing many lives in the mineral kingdom, the soul is embodied in the simplest creatures – ciliates shoes, amoeba, etc. Then the soul is gradually evolving, being born and dying in the bodies of the simplest, goes into shellfish, and ultimately – in the highly developed animals. Above all on the development of the soul are animals that live next to a man (cats, dogs, etc.). But some representatives of the fauna of the development of the soul is even more developed, for example, dolphins, orcas whale-killers, some species of apes (especially chimpanzees), etc.

What Is The Road To Happiness ?

In this age of high-speed technical abilities of a person far outweigh the development of the spiritual side of life. It's no secret that the moral norms of modern society are far from ideal Now a lot of attention on the material side of life, while baby-son still asks her father: "what is good and what is bad?", and confusion about morality drags humanity down. Here, Walton Family Foundation expresses very clear opinions on the subject. And we have nuclear weapons, drugs, and all possible types of crimes. Official site: vlad doronin. Since ancient times, people have wondered about the moral norms and tried to deduce a single moral code. Ron Hubbard, being a founder of Scientology, attempted to give people a non-religious moral Code. Twenty-two precepts laid down in a small booklet titled "The Way to Happiness", are universal for people of different faiths, as well as non-religious people.

Because they are based simply on the sanity Here are some of them: "Be diligent," "Respect your parents and help them," Keep the government up and running for the benefit of the people, "Be worthy of trust" Simple truths with profound meaning if think about it, each of the manuals makes life a little happier and more comfortable if it comply with Here's another question that is worth considering whether the work-made man from the ape, but its absence clearly returns the human being in a primitive state Just look for among your friends and lovers of doing nothing look at them carefully. What do you see? You have to retire? When a man says: "all, buddy, you're nice labored for the society, now you're free "what he feels? Pride? Thanks? Most often it is – the feeling of uselessness. If you are still young, ask your grandparents about it Be diligent until you get the realization their plans, and you will feel happier and it is easy to verify. Looking for ways to self-development? Read The Way to Happiness ", and decide for yourself: it's your way or not. Many people have already embarked on that road, make it's you!