Tobias Reitz – Forever You Love

\”\” \”Eager pop friends love the new single by Tobias Reitz – forever you and enjoyable recipient of relevant genre radio stations in German-speaking countries know more than just frequently played titles with some guarantee, as you start me up and lets fly me\” (Helene Fischer), fly to the Rainbow \”(Fernando express\”), you’re still stars in the eyes \”(Andre ‘ Stade) or the summer was called Antonia\” (Ulli Bastian) always friendly, loving, predominantly romantic hits, which together have one despite of all phonetic differences: they were all collaboration by the almost 30 years Dusseldorf Germanist and journalist TOBIAS REITZ. The likeable young man is a consistent supporter of the German Schlager in all its multifarious facets since childhood. Although he was ridiculed at school so often, he went his own way straight. He worked after graduation, successfully for the online promotion of ARIOLA, the Pop label, owned by SONY, has made recently as a free independent lyricists and now writes a popular radio hit after another for other artists! Tobias first himself as vocalist of the wider public is presented in the early summer of this year. Dieter Brink (working for Bernd Cluver, Bata Illic, Ute Bresan and Peter Rafael) had devised a beautiful, airy sunny swing hit; \”Tobias wrote the text of course out came a wonderful, unforgettable summer hit called au revoir\” was praised by critics in the highest tones and speak often on the radio came to use. In addition, au reached revoir\”very good results in relevant online charts, for example at Smago.NET rank 5 and even the top position! \”After Tobias in the for example the current album by last weeks ‘ Stade (Finally I\”) completely with great poetry playing the new CD by Patrick Lindner, fishing, friends the Sun \”, mostly betextete, on the \”last production of child star Franziska\” with some of the works was represented for the coming productions of Claudia Jung MdL Mireille Mathieu contributed two songs in lyrical terms, and Helene Fischer soon published CD so as I am\”has written three posts, shall enter into force once by the probably most attractive Schlagertexterin BR Germany\” ( Holger Sturenburg), Heike Fransecky, discovered and supported young talent of these days with a further own radio single to the front.