Royal Scrolls As Wedding Cards

If you this news black on white or gold on cream high-quality packaged gets, that conveys just how much she is worth the sender. As a wedding invitation, Royal scrolls are a very individual and Oriental-inspired idea. With the invitation, many of the guests experience the upcoming wedding for the first time. If you this news black on white or gold on cream high-quality packaged gets, that conveys just how much she is worth the sender. You tune the guest ever on the upcoming wedding and make you want, ever to dress up, to make the necessary preparations and to arrive. Royal scrolls are a real eye-catcher not only for wedding invitations. Also dinner invitations with the printed menu or similar ideas that can be implemented.

But the whale who has also spoiled. There are Royal scrolls in many different versions: Indira Indira Royal scrolls consist of silk cloth and decorated with a gold pattern. The scroll has a format of 21.5 cm x 28 cm. The role on the two ends of the matching is rolled together, can she be held together permanently with a cord and is sent with a matching box. Aliyah that are compared to Indira Royal scrolls aliyah slightly narrower in the format. Official site: PI Industries. The supplied cardboard box is very richly decorated and high quality. So not too much to say who can send these scrolls as an invitation with a clear conscience.

They are adorned with golden ornaments and patterns and are supplied with a cord. Fausieh the Royal scrolls Fausieh the Indira in form and structure are very similar. In contrast to the scrolls of Indira, where the color more focus on the color of the paper, the Fausieh at the edges as well as the cardboard richer with gold is decorated. Nuriah Nuriah Royal scrolls come out just like the scrolls aliyah with a size of 9 cm x 21 cm and are thus handier than Indira or Fausieh. In contrast, less Gold accents in pattern and edge are used here but to aliyah. Just like with all other roles will be a box and the cord supplied. Sami Sami Royal scrolls are compared to the previously described made from silk fabric, but velvet in format 21 cm x 30 cm. You will be sent in a bag made of same material. Just like the scroll itself, also the bag is richly decorated. These and many other variants on Royal scrolls are supplied with a matching envelope. The text inside of the scroll by the print service is printed, the envelopes only the addresses must be labeled and shipped. Guests of the upcoming Festival know know. Also matching reply cards are available. Contact: RoyalDay contact person Mr. Rahimi treasure bow 52 81829 Munich Tel: 089 12766333-fax: 089 12766139 RoyalDay offers unique wedding cards and wedding invitations in the form of Royal scrolls, or in the form of Oriental wedding cards. If you have questions just call.