Lisa Neumann University

Soothing light effects how plants react to people sensitive to light stimuli. Scientific findings according to some colors very soothing, stimulating others. The Dutch TV manufacturer of Philips takes advantage of this knowledge and relies on the indirect illumination of the case for its devices. The technique under the name of Ambilight is known. The online Department store reported the development of technology and introduces the so-called Ambilight active frame.

So far impressed the televisions Philips due to their background lighting. This is based on the analysis of the colors of the TV picture. At the back of the devices which are LED lights, which they on the wall behind the TV (TV/category/397505417 /) project. Manufacturers now use this technique on the part of the equipment. This remained so far black, now provides the so-called Ambilight-active-frame technique for the built-in LEDs to continue the colors of the TV picture in discreet manner within the framework.

The model Aurea is 2009 which was among others at the international Funkausstellung (IFA) in Berlin. However, the manufacturer not limited the new technology on the living room. In computer screens like the monitor brilliance 220X1SW she is also used. The default lighting it is blue. The manufacturer relies in this regard on studies showing that the color encourages both concentration and motivation.