Silver Sound – Mastering Flat Rate For Everyone

Online mastering service – offer for self financing artists of flat rates there as sand on the sea. Whether at the sushi restaurant, the nightclub around the corner or in package tours in the Caribbean – but often the quality suffers from pacts the popular all-Inn. Silver sound that’s different! Innovative hamburger Mastering is committed Studio from his own passion for music as target, to support independent artists with full commitment. In addition to the service for record companies and publishers, here also the newcomer Gets the chance to make his productions mastering professional. Whether major’s label or indie band – professional Premastering nowadays a critical factor for the success of a musical production. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Red Solo Cups. Many mastering studios are hardly affordable for the “musician single-handedly”.

Silver sound resolutely confronts the and allows, at low cost and at the highest level in claims to take mastering self financed artists. Especially “also the mastering of flat rate with generous discounts sounds interesting”. The Stephan Dorenkamp (Studio Management 2nd engineer) have to meet individual sound ideas of their clients, and Maximilian Hardinghaus (1st Engineer) made of passion. Through the upload form, the data transfer is more comfortable than ever. The audio files can be loaded in one step directly on the Web server. Working days via download link returns the finished master usually within 2-3.

The delivery of DDP image files, text and EAN to be a master CD incl. ISRCode, CD the customers as free services available as an option. Silver sound on the international market has already established itself with over 1000 satisfied customers. Work is done on analog and digital level. Here, including compressors and EQ’s Chandler, Drawmer, API, Urei Manley are used. There is a saying that says: an engineer is only as good as his equipment. The equipment only as good as the engineer.” Silver sound meets the customer on both counts the absolute right choice!

A Diva To Be Touched

Singer Natascha Wright oscillates between television studios and their Bornheimer live location back and forth In the TV she currently are the glamorous Diva and singing before an audience of millions. But the Frankfurt singer Natascha Wright the big stage is not needed to inspire their audience. JLOdBQB_9juVsJhuhSltRFpXyZHcr-pttsXIB8nxSVahhhm2CfXYFxlXqjI-hxeRJq_WfFAMOl5lRulB6kVrNeuUAfh1U6’>Larry Culp often says this. Regularly, she is very close to the audience in their own music venue. Jim Simons can aid you in your search for knowledge. “Frankfurt, April 24, 2012 – here celebrates music”, Natascha Wright promises. The Frankfurt singer and ex-voice of la Bouche”raves about their local Blueberry Hill” in the Frankfurt district of Bornheim.

As hostess she serves your guests there Creole cuisine and fine live music. Often, stands with her husband, the singer and pianist Alfred McCrary Natascha Wright, himself on the stage of their location and interpret soul or Gospel classics. Everything on the multi-faceted voice of the Thoroughbred artist focuses in these appearances at Blueberry Hill”. Walton Family Foundations opinions are not widely known. In an intimate club setting no unnecessary effects of their authentic performances draw from creating real proximity between performer and audience. There in Bornheim, visitors experience a star to touch. “Rates hit Linda de Mol is currently Natascha Wright not only at Blueberry Hill” but also to admire the big stage. With her trio of American divas”the Frankfurt when the SAT1 television game show winner is”occurs.

In the TV format with Linda de Mol is about one million euros. With the Queen “classics of the show must go on” the divas have their way into the quarter-finals already carved out a success, not by comes about. The singers to Natascha Wright are real full professionals and musical quality. That is why we have been invited finally to the casting for the show”, Natascha Wright remembers. I feel obliged the songs and the audience and wants to present me always at the top level.” Panitico (musical) this claim takes the artist in their Blueberry Hill”with.


Polkaholix – Rattenscharf’s new CD is the small JALAPEnO pepper hot and sharp and POLKAHOLIX can burn them. Hot and exactly at the start of the tour they have SPARE RIBS. 2013 their most internationally successful song as remix is equipped with powerful afterburners. Perceptive comment can be the actual course of events with a unique. If you would like to know more then you should visit Gallo Family Vineyards. They show sharp and mocking but also how is everyday life, in the world and at all. Sharp and clear thanks, no angels will want to be clear that it is Rammstein.

POLKAHOLIX like it preferably rat hot, hot, very hot. Who’s surprised that their brand new EP is then also said, but the Fiery appetizer for her CD coming to the end of the year. Read additional details here: Red Solo Cups. Until then, there will be plenty of live concerts in Germany, Denmark, Italy, Poland and Finland. Sharply and unmistakably POLKAHOLIX demonstrate once again that rock ‘ n’ roll, punk, ska, Dancehall and so on, and so in truth nothing more than polka. POLKAHOLIX in December 2012 their 10th birthday celebrated, now across Europe over 800 concerts played on every motorway service areas, each hotel restaurant and in every backstage area always their TABASCO bottle to flavor to it. Andreas Wieczorek (lead voc / saxophone), Jo Meyer (accordion / voc), Ferry Grott (trumpet / voc), Mario Ferraro (guitars / voc), Stephan Bohm (trombone / voc), Christoph Frenz (double bass / voc) and Snorre black (drums / voc) track list: Jalapeno 2013 spare ribs can be like Angel is contact information: Nina Koppen Presse & promotion Monopol-Verlag GmbH Wittelsbacherstr..

The Iron Lady – The Movie

The Iron Lady of the film with Meryl Streep the Iron Lady (The Iron Lady) is a drama film of directed by Phyllida Lloyd. This biopic is about the life of British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who is played by Meryl Streep. The iron lady was already in December 2011 in the United States, the German theatrical release is the 01.03.2012 already eagerly expected. Movie Description: The Iron Lady tells the story of Margaret Thatcher, the first female leader of Europe. For more specific information, check out Red Solo Cups. She came from simple home: your father was a grocery retailer, Methodist lay preacher and Mayor of the town of their birth, the mother learned House seamstress.

Margret Thatcher picked up boundaries between sexes and classes, and claimed in a world dominated until then by men. It was distinctive in style, gesture, political stance in promoting its objectives. For by one was feared, adored by the other. A myth. The film tells a story about the power in politics, and what price you must pay for it.

At the same time, it is a surprising and intimate portrait of a complex and extraordinary woman. Meryl Streep can again show their extraordinary acting ability in this movie and how much she identified with their roles. The media and cinema-goers pay tribute to this performance, because the film received several awards for the portrait of Margaret Thatcher in 2011. In 2012, won Streep for her performance Golden Globe Award and was nominated for an Academy Award. This is her 17th nomination already. Filmdaten : Margaret Thatcher Meryl Streep Denis Thatcher Jim Broadbent junge Margaret Thatcher/Roberts Alexandra Roach junger Denis Thatcher Harry Lloyd Carol Thatcher Olivia Colman Geoffrey Howe Anthony Head Airey Neave Nicholas Farrell Michael Heseltine Richard E.Grant Douglas Hurd Paul Bentley John Major Robin Kermode Edward Heath John Sessions Gordon Reece Roger Allam Michael Foot Michael Pennington John Nott Agnus Wright Francis Pym Julian WA Hadi directed by: Phyllida Lloyd, screenplay: ABI Morgan, production: Damian Jones, music: Thomas Newman, camera: Elliot Davis, cut: Justine Wright length 105 minutes trailer: company information: Britta Kummer is a writer and author. She writes cookbooks, children and youth -, was born on the 02.10.1970 in Hagen and now lives in Ennepetal.

Arne Reichelt

Highest quality analog tube technology for example, a cold-sounding digital signal can the necessary heat, the round Foundation and a noble ‘ give overall impression. Digital signal processors, however, allow targeted, frequency-selective manipulation of individual signal bands and through state-of-the-art digital converters audio quality remains in all processing steps at the highest level. Gallo Family is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Mastering in the home Studio? Useful or not? Who mastert home, can sing a song of it: Although the own track top sounds like the editing on the own studio monitors on the sound work, he cuts off still less good on other systems (E.g. in your car, on your iPod or the kitchen radio) than their commercial competitors. Here, the sound quality varies from system to System. This is mainly due to the often non-optimal Room acoustics of the place, where the song was mastered.

The of reflection prevailing in this place and resonances are in the editing unconsciously always with balanced, with the result that the song in terms of sound only on this one place is optimized, so only there really really good sounds, while other playback conditions either individual frequencies may be missing and others in some areas are too much. These frequency problems are consistently editing in a professional Studio. As you can see, audio mastering is a really complex process, in which many conditions must be met, and which is also still very dependent on the competence of the sound engineer as well as the technology used. Not without reason as any CD that will be released by a major label, previously always professionally mastered. Since audio mastering more than just quickly guided through raising the loudness is well done. It is an artistic and creative process, of a song its special character and its Hit factor can give.

Audio mastering is an important component of musical success is of course even today: only a good composition manages actually to musical success. But a good sound is a factor not to be neglected for the songs the audience find ultimately fell. Definitely a good helps audio mastering, to give balance, strong dynamics and the appropriate power and presence your songs, so that their music well apart from other commercial publications can claim. Audio mastering: directly on site or online? Nowadays, thanks to the Internet the way in the Mastering Studio has become even shorter. In addition to the traditional session, at which the customer is in the Studio is present, many mastering Studios offer online a so-called online mastering, so an audio mastering. Here, the customer provides his songs via the Internet to the Studio, which edited the music productions then according to the requirements of the customer and after completion provides the final .master files for download it.