Non Child

You can arrange a theatrical performance by actors, or to use instead of the actors and their parents. May invite experts who will arrange for your child on a show of bubbles, trained animals and the like. And to your little guests also received a particle of your holiday, buy the balloons and place each ball on a small sweet gifts (candy or a small bar of chocolate) and inflate the hands at the entrance to each child. It is necessary to think in advance about quizzes, games, pranks. You can organize the non-serious sports (in this case is an advance supply of the necessary elements for the game), but it is desirable that they were collective, there must be clearly identified winners and losers, since young children are very sensitive to their own failures, may arise tears and resentment. If children are not a little played out (perevozbudilis), to reassure them, put them to a cartoon, but that there were no resistance, please be ice cream, it will be a very compelling argument. Child holiday table is a different story. It is desirable that the table was laid for the children separately from adults.

To avoid problems with the dishes you can buy a disposable. In addition, the child will be just delighted with the dishes and glasses with their favorite characters from cartoons. As for the menu, then all should be nice and easy. Necessary to children to satisfy his hunger, were happy meal, but do not suffer from indigestion at the same time, and overeating. Let it be not pastries and sweets, and cottage cheese and fruit. Instead shipuchek gazirovok and are served juices, fruit drinks or fruit drinks. And, of course, birthday cake with candles, then you can dream up a bake (or book) cake in the shape of cars, and berries so on. A complete evening with fireworks, so it turned out really bright and long lasting memory of your child and guests – please refer to specialists.

In conclusion, I want to add about precautionary measures. Besides natural training: the transfer of fragile things, closing outlets and the like, ask your parents whether anyone from children allergic to certain foods or drinks. And if in connection with obstoyatelstvami you can not seized of the matter, then you can contact the festive agentsvo to organize a holiday for children, Moscow offers a wide range of festive agencies. Preparation of the program, decoration of the hall for children's parties – this is a partial list of services.