Managing Director

The main cause is the company. These are also factors that called Stefan Buchner, Managing Director of the UBGM consultancy for corporate health management as a trigger of stress and burnout: “The past experts were often in the view that there are so-called Burnout personalities”, he explains. “Now this is but clearly refuted and you know that the main cause in the companies themselves is to find.” His experience after two factors are crucial: the values are lived in a company, and the leadership. Two to three years ago, as many mergers and restructurings have occurred, there was a significant increase of Burnout cases, due to the low, that the staff didn’t know the values of the new or restructured company and the managers were unable to cope. The economic crisis will certainly lead to an increasing burden of burnout. Fewer and fewer people know what with her Workplace, their companies and ultimately her private life will happen. The executives are in the responsibility. Stefan Buchner sees the clear responsibility of executives.

“The issue of appreciation plays an important role. That is very simple and easy: you praise. They may look not only deficit-oriented, how you can optimize the performance of your employees, but they must commend what perhaps is considered normal basics,”he advises. He cites executives who once a week through their departments go, talk with the staff and tap them on the shoulder as positive examples. “This is more effective for personal appreciation than any euro which is paid more, or any bonus which will be paid out”, he knows. Also the appraisal interview is an important tool: the employee feels that there are values in the company, which also be lived? What is important to him in his work? What is it personal important? Finally, leadership training, in which particular leadership style will be analyzed, pressures within the company to determine and trained health-promoting behaviors, be useful. According to Stefan Buchner, prevention is especially important.

: If the child once fell into the well and early burnout cases occur, it is difficult and tedious, to counteract. Psychotherapeutic help is needed and the staff is usually for a long time. Power waste often result from the non-affected employees. Therefore the prevention of stress and burnout should be alone a part of normal development, argues Buchner and added: “In some large companies this is fortunately already the case.”