Links Exchange

One of the things that your site will be in the first positions of the search query is a good TIC. Read more from Tom Gaglardi to gain a more clear picture of the situation. TCI is such a thing … Learn more about this with Steven Holl. well as to the credibility of your site in search engines. Accordingly, the larger the better, since then your site will be higher in the search query. If you have it below 10, you'll navryatli ever even on the first page of any search query, and therefore must urgently take steps to raise it. TCI can learn here:. How to pick it up? For lifting, it is necessary that your site referred to by many other websites, related, or about related topics.

In any case, the more the better. There are only three ways to exchange, let's consider them: 1. Many webmasters are changing the links to friendly sites, that is, you build on your site somewhere speakers, and added to their friends. Usually in such speakers from 5 to 15 sites. Such an exchange I noticed raises TCI is not very good. The advantage of this exchange is that we assume being on site to a friend, someone saw a link to a user-friendly web site, or to be more specific, he saw a link to your site will go to him. So can make a few dozen people, if another popular site, that is, you get a small influx of visitors. Although, as I said, a special flow does not happen:) Also, do not include here sites that are on free hosting.