Japanese Cooking

As I recall, after the economic crisis of 1998 in Russia, at least in Novosibirsk has entered a new direction, Japanese. By simple, we call these dishes 'sushi'. We've been good friends with a good mix of fish and vegetables, such as for many years known herring under a fur coat salad, I guess, like love to dish it possible to easily integrate sushi and rolls in the Russian diet. And if earlier, the first sushi bars and restaurants to eat these exotic dishes can be only for very expensive. Now, anyone can make their own sushi at home. Now, I want to tell you that come in handy for cooking Japanese cuisine. And the example of Philadelphia rolls, suggest that the land is as familiar to us food – a vast field for eksperimentov.Chto buy sushi: It makes sense that if you want to make sushi, you will need to purchase some special equipment and ingredients that you have not used before.

The Japanese tried. They came up with supetsialnye sizes for all components of the dishes. This greatly simplifies the process of preparation of the land. Let's examine a set of cooking sushi podrobnee.Ris for land bought in specialty stores or departments, under the name of the sushi rice or rice for Japanese cuisine. It is used as an ingredient for filling and bonding in a variety of dishes, for example spools.

The package price of rice about 50 rubles for a 250-500 gr., depending on the mat proizvoditelya.Bambukovaya: Used to make all kinds of rolls, one of the most popular type of sushi we. You can buy both separately and in kits ready for sushi. It should be about 25-30 rubley.Vodorosli: Special pressed seaweed. Pay attention to size, it is standard that greatly simplifies the creation of various Japanese dishes. Algae used as a reinforcing element. Themselves algae have smell and taste. Very rich in natural substances. Thin package worth about 130 rubley.Marinovanny Ginger: Spice of sushi. It is used to prepare your taste buds before the use of different types of sushi. Has pungent taste. I bought a kilo of ginger sauce rubley.Soevy 120: One more spice in the Japanese kitchen. Salt helps sushi and rolls. After the cooking process, in rice and other components of the salt will not put. One bottle, a liter is about approximately 100 rubley.Risovy vinegar: This item is Japanese cuisine is used very widely. During the cooking of rice, he adds, he needed special properties: softness and stickiness. Before drawing rolls, rice vinegar necessary to lubricate the algae. This gives them the flexibility and adhesion to form the product. Price per 250 ml., About 80 rubley.Vasabi: A special spice. Added to the soy sauce, to give urgency. It tastes like mustard. Price per small tube, about 80-90 rubley.Eksperimentiruyte from the land: For some reason, after the land in Russia, I thought that this strict set of recipes. Now, such thoughts seem to me funny. Moreover, I tried to use spools Philadelphia, instead of cream cheese – sour cream. It turns out very tasty. And why I wrote all this?! And besides, if you want sushi, there is no need to go to special restaurants, and very easy to make sushi at home. Pleasant Appetite!