Internet Publicity

All of us on the Internet offering our products or services as we seek to attract customers. Our work base is to grow our list of prospects that they become genuine competitors to our website and, with the tempo, eventually customers. Many who have their new online business consulting on the subject of advertising, and I notice that most of those consulted on this issue are really worried because they see that money invested in this area disappears and the results arrive, or arrive very slowly. Not everyone is lucky enough to start in this medium have a budget for advertising, many start with no money just by advertising in ad sites or working on SEO, which is time consuming. But those that do have some money for advertising, unfortunately wasted. If you come from the Internet they can start providing money for advertising, then really have an advantage I assure you, and this you must use it for that reason it is necessary to use the best way and not waste it, there and seek to optimize the investment, regardless of whether high or low, will produce its fruit. I shall now quote two most common errors are repeated: 1 – I see you are wrong in putting together the copy used to advertise your business, entire books have been written on how to write text ads, which are the words most cause effect, how to approach the title of ad, as its description and how to ask for action within it, and so on. etc. (As opposed to Rubio).

While I recommend you invest in your training, knowledge and learning, also say that on the issue of how to make text ads, and this is essential if you’re advertising, you can get tutorials, articles and a free E-book you’re very well in the network. 2 – Do not measure the advertising, what does that mean? Just that, that “measure” the advertising they do so unaware of the actual results you get from each ad, if you measure your advertising can not know if it works, you’re just throwing your money away. Measure success is knowing how much and how pays each of our ads. If you you perform on the Internet, namely advertising is something you should not then and do not know if you learn it, is critical in Internet advertising. If you are using Google Adwords tools that will help in this matter. In Adwords, I recommend that you create multiple campaigns with multiple ads, do not use as many keywords in each ad, so you can see the different results, you know which ads perform better, with which keyword your business is better positioned, etc. The results that you are getting the stored or printed must stop somewhere, makes small changes to your ads, only small changes do not need big, “and see different yield. Everything you can think of to be well done because so important to get experience on Internet ads. Finally: If you want to be successful entrepreneur you handle this issue well, you know exactly how many of the click you receive, since part of your website come over here, how they become subscribe to your newsletter or customers who buy your products or services. Learn to measure and you will know the results and optimize your website for greater profit.