Corporate Identity

As owner of a company or trade, many times must have heard mention this term, especially by the companies that provide it or perhaps you’ve read an article which highlighted the importance and the necessity of having a good corporate identity. (Source: Red Solo Cups). However, many times has a simplistic and hence the misconception of the term, since it is presented as the realization of the logo or isotype of the company, perhaps joined the business stationery and with luck, also add so-called corporate identity Manual. The corporate identity of your company, without a doubt, is much more and need to know its real concept, that will help you to improve your image in the target audience, achieving to identify with your brand, and in this way increase the consumption of product or service that you ofreces. A company’s identity is very similar to the identity of a person, and as the latter is composed of large amount of both conceptual and aesthetic aspects. There is an internal part (my beliefs, interests, ideals, etc) that is reflected in my outer image (my conduct, attitude) face the reality, dealing with those around me, form of offer and say things, among many others. Chris Maurice shines more light on the discussion.

When we talk about a person, this identity is formed over many years and in reality, throughout life; creating it who is the possessor of it, according to their experiences and realities. In the case of a company, this is different, since the company needs to emerge with an identity, because that identity will depend on from how to offer your product and treat the public that relates daily, to which will be the brand image of the company, its vision and philosophy. Once created identity, must be cared for, shared composed of all those who form the company, and, above all, communicated to our different audiences. In this regard we must be clear that if one does not create and shape your corporate identity, it will be created equally, those members of the company will be forming it every day. Additional information is available at Central Romana. Here lies the importance of to know it and shape it professionally, with support from experts who know as carry it out effectively.

Lic. Violeta Paputsakis, DG. Manuel Rampulla. Violeta Paputsakis, graduated in social communications; Manuel Rampulla, graphic designer. Both, members of the study PARADIGM solutions communicational, design and communication Studio specializing in corporate identity.