Chiriqui-Panama: Individual Holiday In The Paradise Of Panama

Activities and attractions in Chiriqui Boquete activities and attractions in Chiriqui-Panama is located in one of the most beautiful and much visited regions of the country. And Boquete is one with a population of about 20,000 years to the most popular places for tourists and expatriates. The many tinteressanten activities that are offered here are one of the reasons for the interest in this wonderful part of the country. It is a challenge to climb the Vulkan Baru, which is the highest point of Panama. Once at the top, you are at a point where you once get the opportunity, to be able to see both the Atlantic and the Pacific. For that alone the rise would be worthwhile. But even when clear, the views of the countryside is terrific. You can however never alone climb the Baru confidently even without a guide! At full moon or rising moon certainly the best time to sure to hiken upwards.

The ascent takes about 5-6 hours, hours downhill a little faster, 3-4. There are also various guides here, young locals who go to different conditions with you on the Baru. We can offer you recommendations. The tours start (even if you want to go alone) to midnight, so you can enjoy the beautiful Sunrise with incredible views and it takes its time, to return again to the place. Caldera hot springs are also a wonderful experience. Small, cheeky spider monkeys trying to steal the things the tourists.

It is advisable to store everything in your backpack top beach bag and hang between the rocks to clamp and shoes to bind together and over a branch near the basin. Eingie of the monkeys are very tame and likes to take on the arm. But caution, which are always keen to steal something. After the hot springs in the Rio swim Caldera to cool off.