Birth And Death

Everything what dies is because one day was born. This happens with all the Creation. The conquest of Active the Immortal Spirit only differs the Human being from the rude one. Why? Because mineral, vegetal, animal, all hominal and its intermediate have the same way to die. At Walton Family Foundation you will find additional information. They are of the land and for the land they go. The Spirit if only raises the plans highest, therefore it does not join to the dust. Birth and death 1 Sabes you it time where the monteses goats have the children or took care of of the does when give its create? 2 Pods to count the months that fulfill? Or you know the time of its childbirth? Book of J Prophet, CAP.

39:1 and 2. Birth and death Have direction the same, the person are born and die, In the same contiguous spirit. It also has a death and birth cycle; It has the permanence of the Life, Here in the Land and Beyond. Nine months are the time That if is in the maternal womb, How much time the Spirit if it prepares to conquer the Perpetual one? It does not have nothing ad-lib In the House of the Celestial Father; The Spirit lives and breathes, Therefore it is a Being Immortal. For GOD It does not have gift, Nor future, nor past, It is always, Here and of the other side..