Bio-Catering in Berlin

Regional track: bio-catering for Berlin events and meetings in 2010 the crisis in all sectors cuts and rethinking led to. Will anything change at select catering in 2010? With diminishing budgets, it is still our duty to clarify values and benefits of high-quality organic catering. Strong words from select catering Berlin Managing Director Malick Thorson, which clearly identifies the core competencies: excellent fresh cuisine live on site and the use of regional organic products. It is these differences to many Berlin convinience caterers in 2010 and in sales meetings and events advertising to show off. How is the label BIO CATERING evaluated for deliberately? “” Is positive, relatively more importance to healthy and high-quality supply of workshops, Conference participants, or trade fairs as 5 years ago, yet I often hear the sentence: “Oh, BIO must not be” – this is more expensive but not necessarily better in Berlin BIO catering from 50 guests, register surprised many customers. It needs to be done so much enlightenment in the organic sector? Yes and no. ghlin offers on the topic.. Eric Klavins: the source for more info. Ostentatious to promote organic products, I consider inappropriate. Products such as meat and sausage products from humanely-held animals speak a unique language, in addition to certifications and the occurrence of organic retail in the city.

Rather it comes select catering Berlin, highlighting the traceability, regionality and special quality of food. “The Andechser dairy Safari launched to a rebranding programme in autumn 2008: under the name the ecological path” the consumer by means of consumption date, that serves as a tracking code, can trace the product to farm. Can it also work in the catering of Berlin? Already happened: the funding Association Organic farming in Berlin and Brandenburg annually publishes a well-made shopping guide in which many producers and farms are called, work with select catering Berlin. Several copies went to events last year like warm Cakes. Also label the buffet or menu cards not only with the dishes our cooks but call also producer and region. Asked the field Jan.