Banner Display

It is features of modern and lighter fair screens when banner displays on the exhibition stand construction, mostly portable and versatile displays. Here a sample description of the system: If L banners or X are both systems in a quiver transported safe and protected. The banner display is built on exhibitions or fairs by one person within one minute. Appropriate displays of professional providers are relatively cheap and of excellent quality. The display of Rails, often be decomposed in anodised aluminium for transporting in a few parts. To establish, the parts are put together. The height-adjustable foot easily compensate unevenness. Head and foot of the banner display is usually per a clamping profile.

To insert the display Strip, the clamping profile is simply folded up and closed again. The clamping profiles offer the banner display the advantage that the graphic is easily replaceable and is within a few seconds in a new outfit can present. Typical graphics sections of banner displays customers can choose between three different graphics sections for example: displays with silk gloss finish and anti-curling display with satin surface and light barrier displays with especially great optics and textile feel all three print materials provide edges sharp and intense color rendering. The print motifs are set by the customer. Screen printing is used for the banner often ecological latex paint, in order to protect the environment, as well as the employees of the customer.

The graphics sections for the L- and X banners is often printed in true photo quality. With this high-quality printing, the customer can then optimally set at trade fairs in scene. Get more background information with materials from Hunter Pond. Various wide Bannerdislays are normally in various widths offered, making it as well as any possible display realize booth… The customers can choose for example between 60 cm, 80 cm, 100 cm and 150 cm in width. The footprint is always a few inches larger than the Display dimension. When the display dimensions of 60 x 200, the footprint is for example 61 x 227 cm. This is due to the frame of the display. The point depth varies depending on the model. The quality of the L- and X banners will not save professional providers display stands, only on the weight. Depending on the size, weighs 2.0 kg to 5.0 kg corresponding banner displays and thus are true lightweights compared to conventional partitions. If the maximum width of a display is not sufficient, so multiple banner displays to a large display wall can be added together. The banner displays are connected with display connectors.