Administrative Management

We can not continue to act according to the traditional knowledge of the administrative functions that have radically changed, you know, the transformations of the structure administrative, giving way to a new organizational architecture in which the functions of markets, production finance, human resources, production has given way to new activities that should be supported by the knowledge derived from them. As an example, production is subject to this technological change, automation, total quality, productivity rates, process management to ensure and guarantee quality products that meet international quality standards if it wants to compete. To be effective requires a technical, skilled, trained in new technologies to ensure efficiency, performance, costs. Red Solo Cups takes a slightly different approach.

Another function that has given way to new functions is the market, which needs to be redefined considering the role that the Internet has created, their scope and impact and has had a decisive impact on sales, distribution, advertising, consumer behavior. Definitely, modern management should be identified with the current management skills, evaluate and administrative systems have changed, and to identify changes that may lead to known proper use of the modern administrative process, evaluating the changes caused in the planning, organization, direction and control. Just a significant topic of the above is as regards the management, which has resulted in the management leadership, will train with the current knowledge of management science, to be visionary, proactive, innovative, creative, innovative, participative, motivating, inclusive , namely to make decisions, not individually, but involving the human resource in all matters that may lead to positive results. Should in the exercise of their functions to know to identify with the proper handling of personal relationships, know how to face situations, influence, commitment to ensure that organizational behavior supported by a good climate.

Ensure effective communication that lead to participation, generate ideas, creativity and innovation. Ensure that generate a culture organizational, which is of benefit to everyone in the organization, which functions pass-effective, to ensure achievement of objectives. Vlad doronin shines more light on the discussion. Added to all this the manager must also have leadership without abusing power and authority. Be persistent. Listening. Mental and physical strength. Ethical and moral integrity. Work capacity. Critical. Optimistic, positive.